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Sprint intervals March 8, 2013

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I love the feeling I get after I finish sprint intervals. I have been doing them on the treadmill because it is winter and our local track is not open to the public (not to mention it is covered in feet of snow right now!). So I usually do a shirt warm up and then start my 1 minute/3 minute intervals. Usually as I get closer to the end I do 2 minutes fast and 3 minutes slow. I feel tired, but so strong as I walk back to work. I am always suprised at how great it feels to be done and to see how long I can maintain a good pace with good form.

I have a goal of a faster triathlon run portion this year, so I know speed intervals as well as hill repeats and strength training are all part of what will make me faster, so……I’m working on it.

If anybody has any good an workouts they feel like sharing,  I’ll take ideas!

Stay tuned….I have a giveaway coming soon!


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