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My first Giveaway!!! March 9, 2013

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Hello everyone.

I am excited to announce that I get to do my first giveaway!

Endorphin Warrior was kind enough to give me a bracelet to review and then another one to a lucky blog reader. I received the bracelet yesterday in the mail and I was immediately happy with the choice. I choose the one that says BELIEVE, because it is always best to believe in yourself, but sometimes we all need a little reminder. The leather band is so soft and the metal part is perfect and shiny – I can see myself wearing this all the time!

Please visit their website at and check out all of the choices, then come back here for your chance to win. While you are on their website, please check out all of the other things they offer too. During March, they are giving away a FREE Dog Tag/Key Ring to anyone who places an order on their website.  Plus, they are also donating $1 from each order during March to support a local youth running club for lower-income kids.

Here are the giveaway details, there are multiple ways to enter:

1. Get one entry for leaving a comment here on my blog telling me which bracelet you would choose.

2. Get one entry for liking Endorphn Warrior on Facebook

3. Get one entry for following me on Twitter

4. Get one entry for following Endorphin Warrior on Twitter

5. Get one entry for tweeting about the giveaway.

Leave a seperate comment for each entry – you can leave up to 5 comments to be entered 5 times – Good luck!

Again, I am so excited that you are visiting my blog and hopefully you will all enter my giveaway. A winner will be chosen at random from all of the comments received and will be announced here on March 24th.

Run and be happy….spring is coming!!



15 Responses to “My first Giveaway!!!”

  1. Says:

    Good afternoon Penny. I went to the Endorphn web-site. If I were to chose one of the many bracelets, I would chose the one that says breathe. Why?… I have reminded myself to just “breathe” through many situations and have told others as well.

  2. Mike Meyer Says:

    Hey Penny! I love your blog and I’m so proud of you. I love the Endorphin website. I would buy the bracelet that says “Transcend” because, you know me, when I do something I do it to the limit. Love ya and can’t wait to keep reading your blog!

  3. Mike Meyer Says:

    Penny, I’m following you on Twitter. Can’t believe you’re not on FB!

  4. Mike Meyer Says:

    I’m following Endorphin Warrior on Twitter also. I’m not sure how to tweet yet. lol

  5. Cindy Says:

    Hey Penny!! You started a blog…good for you!! I checked out the Endorphin Warrior bracelets, and I think the one I would pick is courage…something I wish I had more of!! 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend!!

  6. Mike Meyer Says:

    I’m liking Endorphin Warrior on FB! I’m thinking I need to start running again. Wish it were warmer outside.

  7. Mandy C Says:

    Hey Penny! I would choose the “breathe” bracelet for my niece Drew who has CF. I wish for her to be able to breathe like the rest of us someday!!

  8. Hi Penny, I love that you started a blog. I really like the bracelets but Mike has wanted one for a long time…so if I would win I would like Transcend…Maybe I can get me some brownie points. Keep it up girl, you are an inspiration!

  9. Mike Meyer Says:

    I tweeted my first tweet, I think, and it was about your giveaway! My wife is the best!

  10. Bj Says:

    I am sooo proud of you! :). This is very exciting!
    Oh, the Strength bracelet…for obvious reasons but I am very fond of them all. I can’t wait to follow you here! Hi to M,C & R

  11. Bj Says:

    So I liked them on that other social media site. I LOVE their stuff!! You have come a long way. Yea!

  12. I liked Endorphin Warrior on FB. When are you going to join FB?

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