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Fastest half-mile ever x 4 !! March 13, 2013

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Today at the gym I ran the fastest I have ever run a half mile and I repeated it 4 times. I printed off a new plan that had mile repeats, but as I was running, my mind won over and I couldn’t convince myself I could make a whole mile straight at that pace, so I ran a half mile, then slowed down for a quarter mile and repeated that for a total of one mile at a 7.5 on the treadmill and one mile at 8.0. after that I did finish it out with a quarter mile at 8.5. It was really tough, but I felt so great about the effort when I was done. I haven’t run that hard in a long time – if ever! I know that speed work is going to help me be a faster runner and so is strength training, so I am doing my best to do some of each.

I read another blog – nyc running mama – and her post today was perfect for me (too bad I didn’t read it this morning). It says that training your brain is just as important as training your legs. Sometimes the hardest part of a workout is not allowing yourself to give up. I hope that in the next few weeks I can work up to doing the whole mile repeat straight. You have to start somewhere I keep telling myself – I will get there!! I felt so strong today, but yet I was just a touch disappointed that I didn’t try a little harder to clear my mind and go the whole mile.

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Run fast, run far


2 Responses to “Fastest half-mile ever x 4 !!”

  1. Says:

    Way to go Penny! That is fast 🙂 The amount of jogging that I do could never compare to what you do, but I have slowly started back at the treadmill since my surgery. I was on the treadmill for 2 miles, I will not tell you how long it took… but I tried to run and then let my mind tell me “that’s good enough… slow down now and walk for a bit”… I am certain that I could have jogged a lot more but my mind kept telling me otherwise. I’ll keep your above post in mind tomorrow when I attempt it again. Take care and keep up the good work. Jeri

    • pennyverdeck Says:

      You just take as much time as you want. I’m just proud of you for being so great and having such a great attitude. You’ll be suprised what you’ll be able to do if you give it a little more time. You are an inspiration to me – i hope some day i will be as wonderful as you!

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