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Blog slacker March 20, 2013

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Hey there everyone! I have really been a blog slacker this week. Here’s a little rewind for you:

After my running high from Tuesdays fast 800 repeats, i had the lucky evening on Wednesday of taking M & C both swimming with me. Well technically C went to swimming lessons and M and I swam laps. It was nice. I swam my first continuous 800 yards (must have been my week for 800s) of the year and felt really good. I should be all ready for my first triathlon next month – if the snow melts so i can bike!

Thursday I ran my hill workout on the treadmill and actually felt ok. I was visiting with a couple people at the gym and we all agreed that we really enjoy talking and working out, it makes the time go much faster.

Skip ahead to Saturday and we tried something new as a family – we attended a maple syrup festival at St. Johns College. It was really fun. Since winter is still in full force here, the sap isn’t flowing yet, but we learned how the Native Americans used to gather sap, the girls helped tap a tree and we tried some syrup on ice cream. It was really good and the whole day was a lot of fun.

Sunday I ran 6 miles outside, trying to avoid the wind whenever possible, the last quarter mile was by far the coldest and straight into the wind, I can’t remember the last time I was that happy to be back home. The run itself wasn’t hard, it was just so warm in the sun and cold in the wind, it was hard to regulate my temperature. This weekend should be much better to get my run in – 35 degrees, my body won’t know what to do!

And finally to this week – last night we watched the biggest loser finale, I really like that show. Each time a finale comes on, Ryan asks what my percentage of loss was, 33.5%. I wouldn’t win the show, but that was completely on my own, I am very proud of that and I think I can kind of understand what the contestants feel like and I cry everytime!

And finally today – Tuesday is speed day and I am happy to report that today I made a whole mile at 8.0!!!! That’s a 7:30 mile! I just knew I had to try and see if I could make it since last week I only made it half a mile before I let myself slow down. I can’t believe I made it and it wasn’t even like I wanted to hold on or jump off as soon as I got done, I just slowed down like normal. I was even able to finish the rest of my workout – fast parts and all! YES!!!

Remember a few more days to sign up for the giveaway. Thanks for reading and all being so supportive!

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  1. Says:

    Way to go Penny! You are a winner. Thanks for the chat yesterday 🙂

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