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Jelly Bean virtual 5k March 27, 2013

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Hey there blog followers!

I’m going to back track a few days….Friday I ran my virtual 5k. I have been following for a while now. She hosts a couple virtual races each year and the one going on now is the Jelly Bean 5k, I also intend to run the 10k option on Saturday (Thursday if the schedule works out). 

So anyway, onto my first ever face recap.

On Friday during lunch, I headed over to the gym for my 3.1 mile run. I originally intended to take it easy because I had a longer run planned for Saturday and didn’t want my legs to be to angry. I walked over with another girl from work and she confessed that she was going to try running instead of biking during lunch so I’d have some company on the treadmill -Yea!!! We started it and she confessed that she was planning to do sprints, so I told her I would too so it wouldn’t feel so hard for her. As it worked out, we both felt good while we were running. I ended up finishing my 5k in 28:02, which is a really nice time for me, I’ll take it!

Then we tried a few crazy looking things we saw on Pinterest. We did some crab walks as the treadmill was going at a 1.0 pace, then tried the plank while the treadmill was going and also mountain climbers. It felt ackward, but I would like to try again, but not after I just ran 3 miles.

I’ll let you go for now, thanks for reading. I’ll have a recap for my 10k coming soon.

Oh and just to add it in….It’s Tuesday, so that means speed intervals….. Third times a charm, I made all of the distances just as the plan says. 1 full mile at 7.5, 1 full mile at 8.0 and .25 at 8.5. It was hard, but I finished all of it. I am wiped out tonight, but in a good way.

Happy Tuesday!


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