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Eeeek! March 28, 2013

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Hello wednesday post readers!

I realized today that it is only 1 month until my first triathlon if the year! Oh my goodness. I can’t imagine taking my bike out when the temp doesn’t even get over 40. The last 3 years I have done the triathlon at Gustavus college, this year I decided to try St. John’s college. The races should be somewhat similar, except the swim portion is 300 yards further this year. I’m sure it will be good, but it was a little scary to think about. After I realized that, I realized it is only a month and a half until my first lake swim of the year – I do think that swim will be a little colder this year – spring please get here already!

Hope everyone has a great second half of your week.


One Response to “Eeeek!”

  1. Jeri Says:

    You can do it Penny! The cold lake will help you to swim faster. 🙂

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