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Double run day March 30, 2013

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Happy Friday!

It seems fitting that I ran my Jelly Bean 10k today…and then I came home to this fun activity.



The girls had a great time coloring and painting the eggs. They look great.

Back to running….
I didn’t get to run yesterday because we had a yummy Easter lunch, so I pushed it back to today. I also have been worried about the weather for tomorrow, so i wanted to get my 8 miles in today also since the weather was simply beautiful. So lunch time I took my 3 miles nice and easy. It felt great and it was so nice outside. Then I went back to work for the afternoon. I fueled up for my afternoon run with a peanut butter, banana and nutella sandwich – yum. I finished working and changed into running outfit number 2 for the day. This time around I was planning an 8 mile out and back on the new trail outside of town. I started out over the bridge and though some hilly parts before settling in around mile 2. I got to about mile 4 before my stomach started to growl, that’s never good, so I used the gel out of my pocket and carried on my way. I turned around and realized that I had been running into the wind, so now I felt like I was flying. Funny thing is, I haven’t run a double digit day since the last half marathon on Feb. 3rd. I felt fantastic and kept going. I did have to stop and take my jacket off because I was getting too hot, but other than that, I just carried on the whole way. I even had energy left to run steady up the bridge and fast back down at the very end on my run. What a great feeling!

Thanks to Jess at for puting together another fun virtual race!


Tomorrow should be a full day, so it’s nice to have that out of the way. I have a bunch of cooking to do and I am scheduled for a haircut in the morning. Then we have an egg hunt outside – that should be interesting with all of the snow we still have left and the mud where the snow used to be.

Happy Easter to everyone!


5 Responses to “Double run day”

  1. Bj Says:

    So proud of you!! Happy Easter to you and the family! Pretty eggs! 🙂

  2. Jeri Says:

    Happy Easter to the Verdeck family 🙂 Way to go on your runs Penny.

  3. Those eggs are awesome! My poor kids just did plain ones. I’m not showing them these. LOL

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