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Long week April 5, 2013

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Hey there everyone!

Well it’s Thursday already or finally depending on what part if my life you look at. My work life has drug on slower than molasses in January. My fitness life has been good and I’m ready for my race next weekend, and my family life is really busy, so the weekend will be a nice break.

Work…we won’t talk about here.

Fitness…running had been really good. I made the fast miles much better this week, felt good and was really strong at the end. Swimming last night was good. I switched it up a little and did 25 yards fast, 25 yards steady- repeat for 400 yards. I felt so strong when I got done. Then after a few more laps, I finished out my hour with an 800 yards continuous swim. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Then today, I ran hill repeats on the treadmill. The weather finally warmed up, but the wind was really cold, so I stayed inside. I was happy with that choice. This weekend I’m planning to run between 8 and 10 miles. I hope it doesn’t rain to hard on Saturday. I do like to run in the rain, but a nice rain, not a pouring rain.

Family….both of the girls are playing soccer this season. M has not played before, but she really enjoyed her first practice, even if it was cold out. C played in the fall and really liked it. R is coaching C’s team again (not by his choice), but I did help tonight and it seemed to go alright. The only problem is that when we signed M up, I thought all the teams would play in the same town each weekend….not the case. So there are actually 2 weekends that we need to be in 2 towns and, I have a races planned for both of them. Soooo I guess I need to ask for help. I have a plan for both of them, if they work out my way. I’ll keep you posted.

I think spring is actually going to show up here in Minnesota. If it rains as much as they were predicting in the next week, things should clean up and green up soon.

For my 10 mile race next weekend, I am sewing myself a sparkle skirt. I’ve been wanting to buy one for quite a while, but didn’t feel it was worth the $25. Knowing that I paid all that money for a college degree in fashion design, I was thinking – duh….I can sew that! I purchased the fabric for a whole $10! Yea me. Now I know me and realize that when I’m done with the black one, I’ll probably want to make other colors too, but at least I can still get a better deal. It’s half done, so tomorrow night or this weekend I’ll finish it up. I’ll be sure to take a picture for you all to see.

Happy Friday to all and to all a good night.


One Response to “Long week”

  1. Jeri Says:

    I have no idea what a sparkle skirt is (I have an idea) but whatever it is/looks like, I am sure you will be super cute in it. I would think running in the rain – at least this time of year – would be very chilly. I hope it does not rain for you. The soccer dilemma sounds like not so much fun. I hope you get it worked out. Best of luck to you this weekend, I hope the weather cooperates.

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