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Crazy world April 20, 2013

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Well, I can’t believe this week.

*Terror happens at a wonderful event that showcases runners who earn the right to run there.

* Mother Nature is mad at Minnesota and won’t take winter away (we ended up with over 8 inches of snow again yesterday)


* The wonderful Police/FBI and first reponders protect the city and surrounding area to bring Justice to the USA

I couldn’t put into words the feelings I had about this week’s attack.

There have been many races that I wished my family would be at the finish line when I finished. There have also been about a half dozen races that my family has been at the finish line. I couldn’t imagine the guilt I would have if they were there waiting for me and something happened to them. There is no way to know in advance something bad will happen, if there was, nothing bad would ever happen.

Then I thought about the runners that didn’t get to finish the race. I’ve never run a marathon, I don’t know that I ever will, I know that if I ever did try to run one, I would not have finished by the time the bombs went off. I would have been out on the course and have no idea what was happening – therefore my family and I would have been terrified.

The runners that earned the right to run Boston deserved the right to finish their race. I hope they get the chance again. I can’t imagine if any of them feel it was something taken away from them or if they are all just relieved to be safe and have their families be safe. I imagine, it’s probably some of both.

I am blessed and lucky to be able to run every day. I will not let this deter me in any way from keeping up with my races this year and I have read enough tweets from others to know that we “all runners” will be stronger after the healing from this attack.

Congratulations to all the runners that were able to finish their Boston Marathon and good luck to those that want to qualify for 2014 – may you all be as strong as you need to be!


One Response to “Crazy world”

  1. Jeri Says:

    Penny, I had so much written in this reply, then I erased it all.. nothing new, just the same as everyone else has been saying… it was a shocking and sad day. No amount of justice will make it better for sure. I was on my way to my basement that day to get on the treadmill after work… I turned on the t.v., saw the news and cried. While still shocked, I thought of you and how you train for each race and of how proud you are when you have good times and how that was taken away from so many of the runners. This will make the running community stronger… they will run for those that lost their lives and those who are unable to run because of various reasons. You keep up your good and diligent work. Run girl – run 🙂

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