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Not every workout is easy – darn! April 26, 2013

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Hey There!!

Spring finally arrived in Minnesota  today. I swear it is the first day in weeks that it didn’t snow or rain – no kidding! So…..I took my bike out for a ride!

I was really thinking that because I have been keeping pretty fit by training for races and working out about 4 or 5 times a week, I that I wouldn’t lose the “bike love” that I had last fall. I have literally not been on my bike since the Iron Girl Duathlon on September 23rd! So I should not have been suprised that it was actually a tough ride. I rode 13 miles and when Iwas done, I went for a quick run around the school for a good little brick workout so I would be mentally prepared for Saturday.

I think to be honest what happened just made me have realistic expectations. I didn’t feel great.  I did feel ok. For the race on Saturday, they had to shorten the course down to a whole whopping 8.5 mile bike ride. Honestly, when I got the email, I was a little sad, but now I’m kinda relieved.

I know I will finish the race. I know when I look back, I will say – that wasn’t so bad. Last year this weekend it was 36 degrees when I got on my bike dripping wet out of the pool, this weekend the forcast is 50ish for that time of the morning – I’ll take that!

Well, even though this one workout wasn’t what I expected, I have had many that were good or better than I expected. Ican’t complain about that.

I am thankful to have to opportunity to race the races I can and I love every minute of the races when I’m there. I’ll report back this weekend with the details!!



One Response to “Not every workout is easy – darn!”

  1. Jeri Says:

    Penny, best wishes for a great race tomorrow. You will do great. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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