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Thursday again May 2, 2013

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Good evening everyone!!

You may notice that I have my little ‘See Jane Run’ Icon up and pretty over there on my sidebar! Yea! I’m starting to look all involved in stuff. That’s exactly what I want, to be involved and make new online or in real life running/blogging friends.

I also received notice this week that I get to help represent Island Boost. I’m waiting for more information from them, but will get started next week with some conference calls and chatting about the company. This all is getting very exciting!!

I’ve joined 2 challenges this month. One is from the blog Olive to Run. This is a girl who I started following on twitter and reading her blog. She seems like a real hoot and has a challenge going to Run Free – as in watch free this month. I’m going out for the first Free run of the month after I’m done with this post. I don’t so much care about the pace I’m running, I’m just spoiled by always knowing how far I’ve gone.

The second one is called Make it Happen May by The Sweet Life. This one calls for 100 sit ups and 50 push ups each day in May. I’ve only done yesterday, but I have mouse-y arms, so I feel like maybe tomorrow my arms will be like jellyfish. I don’t have a sit up problem, but for now I’m doing girly push ups and working my way up to real ones.

I hope other states besides Minnesota are enjoying their spring, ours left us again and we are back to 45 degress – burr. I liked Saturday’s 80 degrees much better!

Are you participating in any challenges – online or in real life?? I’d love to hear about them if you are! Leave me a comment!

Wish me luck on the push ups……


One Response to “Thursday again”

  1. Jeri Says:

    good luck with the push-ups… I hate to be the nay-sayer… but I can not do one real push-up… really. Let me know how it goes

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