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Would you like a little water with your weeds? June 11, 2013

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Don’t get me wrong by the title, I LOVED the race this weekend. It wasn’t a PR, but not every race can be now can it?

This weekend was the TRINONA triathlon in Winona. This is the 5th year for the event and 2nd year that I competed in it. This year to change it up a little, my wonderful daughters participated in the kids race on Saturday – boy was that a nice event too.

Friday right after work, we started out on our 3 1/2 hour drive to Winona. We stopped for supper on the way and then at a Kwik Trip  for donuts in honor of “National Donut Day”. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a great selection of donuts, but we made it work. A good blogger would have taken a picture of a donut – blogger fail. The family had them all eaten before I thought about a picture. Oh well.

We finally arrived at the hotel and got the girls down to the pool to get just a little swimming in before their race the next morning.

This is what a room of triathletes looks like.


We woke up and had some breakfast. Ryan and Claire went first – Claire only ate healthy stuff – she wanted to have energy for her race. She had a banana because she sees me eat them before races. I’m so glad she is noticing the good things and not only the mistakes I make. Morgan and I went down a little later and Morgan had some cereal and a banana too – they both saved the bacon for Sunday when they didn’t have a race.  I was told that they ate their 2 day share of bacon on Sunday to make up for it!

So we headed over to the kids race. I love their race day just as much as I love my own. We had so much fun getting their stuff ready.


Morgan was in wave 4. We walked up to the viewing area of the swim and Claire started to cry “The pool is really big!” she got so nervous. The poor little thing!!

Morgan started her race and finished her 5 lengths of the pool in no time and was off biking before we even made it outside to see where she was. I took off running to the bike in area because she only had to bike 2 miles and I knew that wouldn’t take her long. Before much time passed – there she was. She dropped off her bike and started running. We haven’t trained at all and the run was tough for her. She finished up her 3 laps and collected her medal. I let her know I was headed over to see Claire race.

I tried my best to reassure her that she would be great. I told her I get nervous too and it was ok. I didn’t tell her that I was so nervous for her that I wanted to toss my cookies!

She was still really nervous about her swim.  The nice lady talking to the kids before they started reminded them that they could hold the ropes if they needed to and they were off swimming. Claire did great! She was cautious at first, but then she warmed up and did great. Just over a minute and she was out of the water.

Ryan and I took of running to see if we could catch her out of the locker room – we didn’t she was rocket fast. We made it outside before she took off on her bike – the big smile was back and she was having fun! We booked our buts back to the finish area to see her come back after her 1 mile bike. We saw her come in and then…a boy ran his bike into hers and knocked them both over. There was dirt, there were tears. Iran over and helped her up, rubbed the dirt off and asked her if she could finish it up – “yea, sniff, sniff” And off she went to the run part! She is fast! She ran her one lap around the track and fisnished strong.

I am very proud of both of them!!


Now, we’ll talk about the weeds and my race.

Sunday morning I woke up and checked outside to see that is was wet outside. It didn’t look like it was currently raining, so that is a bonus. I headed out and got a cup of coffee in the lobby and walked my bike a little ways so that I could drink it. It was chilly outside, but not so cold. I arrived over at the race early and was the first person on my rack in transition. Problem is there were puddles all around, so I chose the middle of the rack anyway. I visited a little with some others in the area. Soon it was time for the pre race meeting and rain (of course). The race director was a super nice guy – he was getting choked up during his talk. He gave all the details and then we were to follow the bagpiper over to the swim start.

After only 2 waves of sprint distance swimmers the race director came back to the microphone. He informed us that 3 people had already been taken onto the canoes because they were panicing in the water. The weeds are worse this year than other years and he wanted everyone to be safe and relax out there. Ok, now I’m nervous!!

Before too long, it was my wave. I started out swimming and felt kinda stressed – all this talk about weeds. I kept going and I really think I am becoming more of an average swimmer – problem with average is…there’s congestion there!! I was having a hard time getting out of the group swimming and guess what.. There are a bunch of weeds out there! There were points when they were stuck on my arm and I had to get them off, a few times they caught on my nose clip – ugh! That was not very fun. I noticed a lot of people from earlier waves still out there, so I just tried to find an area for myself and swam. I made it to the swim exit – done – phew!!

Got to my bike and I was ready to go. I took off out of transition and after about 1 minute I was in a grove and ready. I really enjoyed the bike ride and was shocked when we were at the turn around. It snuck up on me – that is a good feeling!  I turned around and started my ride back on all those wonderful, beautiful but challenging hills. I cruised back into transition and took off running.  I still felt pretty good. I had used my Island Boost on the bike and now I was watching people with their gels and giggling in my head because by the time that gel is helpful to them, they will have finished the race. I passed by the first water stop – didn’t need that yet. Got to the turnaround on the run, took a drink of water and kept running. Last year, I petered out on the second half and let a friend pass me – not this time, I still had enough left in the tank. There was one lady that passed me on the run. Another woman came into the race and paced her for the last 3/4 mile. She was basically being her drill sergeant – it was interesting. I was only about 50 yards behind her at the finish. I almost caught her back!

As I crossed the finish line the announcer said my name and asked my how I felt – I replied “GREAT”  and put my hands in the air as I “broke” the ribbon – they put it back up for as many people as they can – it still feels good to have it out for you!

It was a good race! The experience is what took me back for the 2nd year. They are very organized and everyone is friendly.

I was a little slower (2 minutes) this year than last year. Most of it was in the swim. The bike was close to the same and the run was faster. I’ll take it. Last year was really hot, this year it rained and was only 63 degrees. Welcome to the Minnesota seasons!!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end – I realize it was really long!

I hope everyone has their sunglasses ready – tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out!!

Has summer arrived where you live??


3 Responses to “Would you like a little water with your weeds?”

  1. Jeri Says:

    What a fun read that was Penny. I had tears in my eyes when I read about the girls… the Mom in me totally understands how you must have felt getting ready for their races… happy, nervous, excited and nauseous. You did awesome! I probably would have been one of the panicky people in the water – weeds scare me… actually gross me out. Sounds like you all had a great weekend 🙂

  2. Dave S. Says:

    Thanks for sharing that. And now, see what you did, you made me get choked up all over again. Sheesh. Hope to see you back next year.


  3. Mary Says:

    Great race! I love hearing re-caps of families who race together too. I don’t think I would handle the weeds very well. My imagination would be on overload- LOL

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