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Zola Coconut Water review & week in review June 21, 2013

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Long time no blog….

I had last weekend off from racing, so I didn’t have a lot to blog about, but I did have my fun mail to review, so here goes.


I received a package in the mail that was perfect to entertain me during my little break from racing.
Inside there were 3 different kinds of coconut water and a cute pair of green sunglasses (that Claire already claimed)

I liked the regular, no pulp kind the best. The cans were big, but a nice change from some tiny ones I’ve seen at the store.


The bottled one is a berry flavored one, I liked that one the least.

The other can was a large pulp kind. I like to drink from a straw, and this one wouldn’t work for that. It was kind of funny, the chunks of pulp would wedge themselves in my straw. The flavor was good, I just didn’t like the chunks.

I’m really glad I got to review these drinks. I liked them a lot and will but them at the store when I see them.

My training lately has been pretty steady. I’ve been running 4 days a week. Usually 3,4, or 5 miles. I found a path that is 2 miles long, so I’ve been running the 2 miles out, then when I turn around, I try to run the next 2 miles faster. I haven’t done that exactly, I’ve run the 3rd mile fast (8:23 and 8:14), but then I go much slower for the last mile. I’m still really happy with those fast miles, I’m definetly getting faster. I don’t think I have ever run an outside mile that fast. It’s way different than running speed on the treadmill.

I’m happy with my summer running so far, I hope it keeps feeling good!

Thanks for reading!


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