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End of June already! June 29, 2013

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I can’t believe that it is the end of June already. The weather has finally decided that it should be summer and I (and my girls) have really been loving the warm weather.

The girls are swimming on the girl scout swim again this summer. They get to have practice at the outdoor pool, which they love and I try to get my run in each day outside. Then after work, the girls swim in the pool at home. So far, Ryan has not been in the pool, but I did get in last Sunday for a little while – it’s so nice to relax for a while.

Last Saturday, I went out for a bike ride. I didn’t really know how far I  would go, but it was a perfect day for biking – hot, but not too hot and almost no wind. I ended up going for 40 miles!! It was wonderful!! I never felt tired and was comfortable the whole way. I didn’t try to go fast, I just went. I have never had my road bike out on a trip that long. I think I’ve gone in the upper 20 miles, but never that far. I have riden my mountain bike that far a few times, but obviously this felt better. The most amazing part was that on Sunday, nothing hurt – I couldn’t even tell I was out there for so long.

I’ve been having some great runs lately too. It has been really humid, so the ones outside haven’t been quite as fast as I would hope, but I’ve felt strong along the way. I did chose to run inside the day I wanted to do speedwork. I ran 5 miles in 43:08 – believe it or not, it even felt good. The last few weeks I have been doing the speedwork outside which is a little more tough, but I know I need to do it to get faster.

I received a great email today..I get to be an ambassador for the “Esprit deShe event series”. I have been stalking their website all year waiting for the summer duathlon information – when it finally posted and it was a day I could attend, I knew I wanted to sign up. I LOVE all women events and another all women duathlon is just the thing I wanted to fill in my summer racing season. I am also running in the 50th & France 5k that is being held this summer too. Here is the website if you haven’t heard of them:
I will be updating my blog with the new logo soon – blog bling – ya gotta love it!!

So, sad to say, I am not racing again until July 13th. That is the day of the Clearwater Triathlon. This will be the 3rd year I’ve done the race. The first year, I had 2 friends that shared the day -I was the biker. We placed 2nd – it was AWESOME. Last year, I did the event alone because my teammates were unavailable (one moved – boohoo – miss her – and one had to work). The even is great, it is put on by great directors and they always have great door prizes at the end. I’ve won a road ID and a winter running beanie which rocks!! 

What races do you have on your schedule?? Anybody that has done or planning to do an Esprit deShe event?? Tell me about it!!


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