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Time to make a new friend July 6, 2013

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Well, not a real life friend.

I decided this week that if I want to get faster on my bike I need to make friends with my 3rd chain real. I have always been very fond of the harder end of the 2nd real. I ususally only shift onto the 3rd on larger down hills or some really flat places. My new goal is to become friends and hopefully get along well with #3.

I have been focusing on my running getting faster, which is really paying off. This week on my 4 mile run I took some advice from the “Train Like a Mother” book. I ran the 1st mile as the warm up – 2nd mile fast (8:33) .25 mile recovery and the then the 3rd mile faster (7:58!!!!!!!) I was stunned when I finished a mile in the low 8s and then when it beeped and showed a 7 – I was amazed!!

My next half marathon is on October 20th and I am planning to use the Half Marathon Own It training plan from the Train Like a Mother Book. I have adjusted it a little to fit in the races I have on my calendar. The funny thing is, I still haven’t decided if I am shooting for 2:05, or if I am going to really shoot for 2:00. I really feel like my endurance is building and since my speed is getting better, maybe I need to dreaam big……too bad there is that little fear of failure! I’ll have to see how my training goes and set the goal closer to the race.

Next weekend is the Clearwater Graniteman Traithlon. I’m looking forward to the event. The swim is a little under a half mile and the run at the end is a trail run. The directors are great and I always have a fun time at their events.

Hopefully you saw my new “bling” on the side of my blog. I am so excited to be an ambassador for the Esprit de She series. I am hoping that the 2 miles – 10 miles – 2 miles will be a good warm up for the Iron Girl at the end of September. I love that race too. I’ve always finished right around the same pace (they change the bike course a lot) and I am hoping this year I can see some improvement in my running and biking paces.


Island Boost

I also received my Island Boost Ambassador package in the mail today -yay! I am so excited to share the Island Boost love! Have you tried it? Do you love it? Would you like to try it?


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