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No more Frenemies and Graniteman race recap July 14, 2013

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Happy Saturday!

Well, today was the race I was talking about earlier this week. I didn’t quite make my goal of being faster than last year for the race, but……I was faster on part of the race, so I am ok with the results.

My swim was the part that improved from last year – 1 minute and 8 seconds!!!!!!!That is huge for me. I got pretty lucky and had another lady swimming off to my right – far enough that we weren’t getting in each others way, but close enough that I could see her every stroke I took. I could see that she was sighting every 3 or 4 strokes, so I didn’t have to. As long as I could see her just off to my side, I knew I was staying on course – that was a huge bonus. I didn’t back stroke at all and I just kept swimming.

My bike is where the friend comes in. My 3rd gear wheel (I typed it wrong last time) was definetly my friend today. I kept it there almost the whole time. Let me tell you how windy it was… freaking windy I almost blew over a few times!!!! The last 5.5 miles were straight into the wind – ugh! But, I kept right on pedaling and gave what I had – this came back to bite me later, but now I know. I used 2 Island Boosts while out biking and figured I should be good to go for the run – wrong!!! The best news about my bike ride was my average pace was 18.1!!! That rocks! Imagine what my pace would have been if it wasn’t for that hateful wind. So with that, I think I like #3.

The run was the horrible part today. This is a really technical run through the woods with continuous hills for the first and last mile. The mile in the middle is like a U shape on the elevation chart – down hill, climb the hill – get a drink, down hill, climb the hill again and turn back into the hilly woods. I remember it being hilly last year, but today it was too much to handle. I don’t know if it was the humidity or if I pushed too hard in the wind on the bike, or what the reason was. I just couldn’t catch my breath. I was breathing so heavy I felt like my lungs were colapsed or something. I allowed myself to walk a few times to try to calm my breathing, I think it worked, because I didn’t die.

As soon as I crossed the finish line, I found the closest place to sit and drink my water. I visited with a really nice group of people that are racing the series – they all work together – just like a fun office party :). They complimented me because I was a little faster than them, but I was still having a hard time convincing myself that I didn’t suck because I hadn’t made my goal. Once I saw the breakdowns of the times, I did feel better – still stuck on that faster swim! (yay!!)

I hung around for the awards ceremony and door prizes. This is the 3rd year that I’ve done this race and the 3rd year I’ve won a door prize. This time I won a pair of sunglasses with 3 different lenses – clear, brown and tinted. Ryan says they are too big for my face, but all of the race type ones are – apparently my face is small. These new ones are the same size as the ones I currently wear biking, so I’m fine with how they fit.

Overall, it was a good race. I had a lot of fun. I know what I need to work more on.

I got to pass out some samples of Island Boost to some nice ladies I met in the transition area. They were all very excited to try something better than gu or chews that get stuck in their teeth. I really am happy to be an ambassador for this great company!!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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  1. Bj Says:

    I’m sorry that I have been behind in reading your posts! I was especially excited to read this one! I do hope you talked to the people standing on the pier as you swam by!!!! :). I am so very, very proud of you!!! I do wish I was there to cheer you on (and perhaps do another relay)! Awesome job. I love the fact that your swim was faster. Whoo Hoo!! I will see you in a couple months! Keep up the great work! Warrior on! 🙂

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