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Chocolate Island Boost Review and 1st long run recap July 22, 2013

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I’m going to make this a combined post, so get comfy 🙂 it might be long, but hopefully you’ll stick around and read it. And, I should clarify the title to say long run of this training plan 🙂

My plan was to run my long run today instead of yesterday because yesterday was the girls’ last swim meet and a plan for family time with my parents, sister and brother and nieces and nephews.

I had put my sample of Chocolate Island Boost in the fridge to chill it for my run because I knew it was going to be hot.

I woke up and started to get ready to go. Let’s start with the fact that I don’t usually run in the morning and end with the fact that I don’t really care to run in the morning. I considered staying home for a minute – it is only 8 miles, but I knew that if I was going to skip a workout, it was going to be a weekday one, not a weekend long run that I get to do at any easy pace.

So, I got all set to go. As it turns out, the vial fits perfectly in the strap of my Camelbak.


I headed out and struggled through my first 3 miles. Then I opened my Island Boost and took a little sip to get the flavor – OH MY GOODNESS!! I am a lover of good chocolate and this is a wonderful good chocolate flavor! I have tried many different chocolate endurance things and this is the first (no joke) one that didn’t make me gag. It had a great texture and I didn’t notice any aftertaste either. I finished it up and started running again. Man that was yummy!

Also, the splits are pretty convincing to see that it helped the run improve.


The only mile that was slower after mile 3 was mile 7, but that one was because I found some shade and let myself walk and enjoy the much needed break from the sun.

I can’t wait for chocolate to become available for purchase. For the time being, I am going to keep my little vial and reuse it since it fit so perfectly on my strap.

Now, the product review is complete, but I need to add some info about my run. I have lived in my current home for 12 years – I have run for 6 years and I have never run on the road I ran on today. I have run past this road, but decided to turn and try a new road – it was a beautiful country road. I saw only one car and, a turkey, a beautiful garden with a waterfall, and one pheasant. It was so peaceful and I honestly felt like I was all alone on the earth. I will definetly run on that road more often. 

For the rest of the day, the girls and I hung out in the pool and watched Teen Beach Movie.

Thanks for sticking it out through this long post – I had a lot to say – shocking I know!!


6 Responses to “Chocolate Island Boost Review and 1st long run recap”

  1. Jeri Says:

    Penny, it sounds like a beautiful run. Where does one find the island boost product? I don’t think it was a long post at all. See you Thursday 🙂

  2. Melissa Says:

    Who DOESN’T struggle through the first three miles!?
    My friend and I are tapering for a half marathon, and we were so excited to have to “only” run three miles yesterday. Yeah. TOTALLY slipped our minds that the first – in this case ONLY – three are the ones that suck hard. It was ridiculously humid here, to boot. During mile 3, I actually shouted, “I HATE THIS RUN!”

    OH! And on our (last) long run before our race on Saturday, I tried the Aspire (strawberry-orange) Island Boost….love, love, LOVE it! Can’t wait to also try the Renegade, but I’m guessing that Aspire is going to be my favorite, though!

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  4. […] This Penny Tris – Chilled Island Boost […]

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