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Esprit de She Duathlon August 5, 2013

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Today was the Esprit de She Duathlon that I was lucky enough to be an Ambassador for. I was lucky enough to get to do this race for free as the Ambassador. That is a huge savings and even if I would have paid, it would have been well worth the money. The race shirt is an AWESOME Moxie Cycling Jersey. It is by far the COOLEST race shirt I have ever received.

The goodie bag has a ton of fun stuff in it. The post race food was FANTSTIC. There were bagels, croissants and all kinds of fresh berries and to top it off – Mimosas!

So now, about the race: It was run 2, bike 11, run 2. I like duathlons a lot. I can swim and I do, but I am much more relaxed at a duathlon start line.

We lined up at the start. They had us line up by age (which they had written on the back of our calf – no hiding my age today) and it was a rolling start, which Iwas afraid was going to make the bike congested, but it didn’t.

We started running on the trail around the block that housing the Lifetime Fitness and continued on the trail until the 1 mile turn around. It was nice that we didn’t have to cross any roads and just go to continue on the trail. The run felt ok. I planned to push as much as I could and hopefully be happy with my time at the end. I feel like I succeeded at that. Back to transition and ready to bike.

My only complaint about this race is the way transition was set up. It was one long line of bike racks. They followed a drive thru lane (one car width wide). There was just enough room on each side for 1 person to push their bike (problem) Then, when you got to the exit with the timing mat, you had to run about 200-300 yards with your bike before you could mount your bike. The problem with that was that this lane was still only 1 person wide, so when I was trying to get out, I was behind a slower lady, which didn’t make that very fun either. For that being the only complaint, it wasn’t such a bad thing.

Biking – I really enjoy biking and I really feel like I have put in the training to be a better biker this year. My average pace was 17.3 – that is with that long run out of and into transition. If I could keep that pace for the 22 miles of the Iron Girl, I would be happy. The course was wonderful – some hills, some big hills, so flats and one really great downhill that I flew down! I like that bike!

The second run was just a bit slower than the first. The first half mile was the regular heavy legs off the bike, then the next mile was a mental game (which I won this time!! yea me!!) and the last half mile I felt like I could FLY. Once I got into speaker shot and could hear the music I felt great. I knew I had enough left to really pick up my pace, so I did.

When I finished, I felt like I had left it all out there – I got the awesome medal and a water and sat down to drink it. That’s how I know I left it all out there, I didn’t even feel like I could walk around without taking a drink first.

I sat for a little bit. I saw the race director finish the race – yes, I finished before her – yippee!! Then, I walked over to the post race party where I got to have some of the great food I mentioned earlier.


I visisted with a few people and stuck around for the awards ceremony – no need to hurry home and it was a beautiful morning to hang out at the poolside party.

Come back later this week, I have a new review and giveaway!!!


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