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Summer Vacation August 21, 2013

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Hello again!!

Last week we went on our annual camping trip to Kamp Dels in Waterville, MN. We have been going there for years (we can’t decide how many years) and usually spend between 7 & 9 nights. This year, we went all out and stayed for 9 nights. It’s always fun to be there, but it’s nice to come home and sleep in my own bed too.

They have theme weeks at the campground all summer and our favorite week is Halloween. They even have trick or treating on Saturday night. It is really fun. The girls dressed up like a Hunter and a Lifeguard – I just wore a Halloween run shirt and a tennis type skirt – I had to try to be cute 🙂


They have so much to do while we are there. They have trail rides, pony rides, mini golf, playgrounds, a petting zoo, tennis courts, swimming pool and waterpark and new this year is a catch and release fishing pond – with “big” fish in it.

20130814_160249  20130814_153235 20130814_101033  20130812_165603 20130812_163456

We had a great week!!

I still got my running in while we were on vacation. While I can say I am not a morning person, this month I have been up to see at least 6 sunrises and I do have to say, it really is nice. I still don’t really care to wake up early to do nothing, but when I get up with a mission, I really do like a beautiful morning. With that being said, I really enjoyed my long runs. I ran a 14 and a 13 mile run. I was lucky enough to have a friend (Cindy – Thank you again!!) join me at the end of my 14 mile run. She met me on her bike and brought me a fresh cold water and kept me company for the last 3.5 miles of the run. That run was to have the middle 5 miles at race pace. I hit all the times right on pace. I can’t believe how fantastic it went. I will admit I was nervous about them, but felt great while I was out there. The trail is beautiful, so I think that helped as a distraction.

20130815_162839  20130815_162657 

For the middle of the week run it was to be hills. I saved this workout because I know the campground is very hilly. I finished all 6 repeats feeling strong and was happy to be done with those hills. Here is the Garmin graph:


Now those are some hills! At least I think they are and my legs thought the were too. I tried to get a picture to show them, but I’m not sure they look tough enough on the pictures – what do you think??

20130816_190410   20130816_114507

The 13 mile run was to be a long easy run with the last 10 minutes as a “strong finish” I finished the last 10 minutes at a 9 minute mile!! I’d say that is a strong finish for me. I think that those 2 runs helped build my confidence a little bit. I am going into the next half marathon with a goal, but at least these runs help me to realize that it should be an achievable goal.

I hope you all enjoy the last weeks of summer – do you have any fun plans?? I have one more triathlon this weekend to finish out the swimming year- the water should be warm after the heat wave this week!


2 Responses to “Summer Vacation”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Your welcome!!:) It’s always fun and I enjoy the alone time we never seem to get to catch up!! So thank you for inviting me to come!!
    The hills, the hills, I forgot about the hills!! I’m glad they went well!!
    The pictures are great, you all look so cute and I’m glad the week was nice for you guys!!
    Good luck this weekend at your tri!!

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