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Training suprises October 8, 2013

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Welcome back everyone, thanks for coming back to my little part of the internet!

So I feel like I haven’t had much to blog about lately, I’ve been training to my hearts content, but no training run usually deserves a whole blog post, so I’ll combine a few and see how it goes 🙂

After the Iron Girl, I had a pretty low key week and a long 12 miler the following weekend. I got to run that one in town after church, so I didn’t have to run on gravel – which usually makes my run a bit better. My 12 miles were good. I finished in just under 2 hours and the last mile was the fastest. I realize that long distance runs for the training plan are supposed to be low key, but I always want to finish up feeling strong. I had plenty of energy left at the end of the 12 miles to clean up at church and visit with my dad for a while. It’s amazing really to me that I can feel so decent after a 12 mile run. I can really feel my endurance increasing.

Last week I had my last 2 week day longer runs that I’ve been running after work. The first one, I ran hills again at the local cemetary – sounds weird, but the roads are great and there are many hills there. I finished the 7 miles strong and happy. The 7 miles averaged 8:57 pace, which having run 5 of those miles as constant hills is great – I’ll take it! Then on Thursday I set out for another 7, but funny story – I ran 8! I left from the bank and had made myself a wristband that showed my 4 minute fast intervals followed by a 2 minute recovery for about 46 minutes and then I just needed to run easy back to the car. I was running and wasn’t really thinking of how far I had gone since I was concentrating on my fast/slow minutes. I looked at my watch and it said 4.88 miles. I thought to myself – it’s 4 miles back to the car, I was only planning to run 7 – oops!! I laughed at myself and turned around. I took a little different route back, but still ended up running 8. The great news is that I felt great, even after all of the intervals were done. I still laughed, but I felt good and still made it to soccer (10 minutes late, but I made it!).

Yesterday was 10 miles with the middle 4 at race pace. I was just about ready to leave and it started to rain, so I waited a little while for it to stop. Thankfully it didn’t rain long and I was off.  I started on the gravel and took it kinda easy. I wore long sleeves and covered my watch up so that I wouldn’t pressure myself to go faster. I hit the 2.5 mile mark and it started to rain again – ugh and then at 3 miles, right when it was time to speed up, I turned into the wind – double ugh! I don’t really mind my country route except when it’s pretty windy for the 4 mile straight stretch. Oh well, moving on! The rain stopped again, so moving on. I left my watch hidden under my sleeve and just decided to pick up the pace and run comfortably hard for the 4 miles and see what happened. Here’s how they played out: 9:12, 9:04, 9:07 and 8:54! Ok, now seeing as though the pace I was thinking I would run was 9:30 – I did pretty well. I kept right on running and finished up the 10.5 miles really happy. As it turns out, at the 10 mile mark I was at 1:34:11 – which happens to be the fastest I have ever run 10 miles before! I’d say that was a score.

I think this training plan is working out. I feel confident in my training and I am ready for the half marathon in 2 weeks.

I did make a declaration today that will make most of you chuckle: “I want someone to pay for my entry fee to all the races I want to run – even better would be if somebody paid my entry fee AND paid me to run!!” Wouldn’t that be the life???

Ok, enough of the dreams that will never come true – if you could have one crazy wish, what would it be??


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  1. Jeri Says:

    again (I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record) you rock! If I had $… you would have it girl… I know how you love it and I would pay for any race you wanted to enter. Great job 🙂

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