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Mankato Half Marathon Race Recap October 25, 2013

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Hello! I was waiting to write this recap in hopes that I would see some pictures online this week that I could copy, but I didn’t get any, so we’re going to go with a word only recap.

The weekend started out nicely with the expo and the kids K race on Saturday. Both girls were running the race, so we picked up the packets and got the girls ready for their race. We almost missed the start because they started 5 minutes early – we didn’t miss it thank goodness! Morgan crossed the finish line just ahead of Claire (I think Morgan was relieved that Claire wasn’t faster) and they were both happy with their run. Claire passed a boy right at the finish – she tried the whole race – that’s my girl!


All smiles!!

After the kid’s race, we went back inside the expo. The girls had seen the rock climbing wall and wanted to give it a try. They had a lot of fun with it and dicovered how hard it is to climb. I really wanted to do it too, but didn’t want to take the risk of pulling something before the race – maybe next time.


After they finished climbing, we went for FroYo – yummm. It was a really nice day for all of us ladies. When we got home, we had some supper and relaxed so I would be ready for my race the next morning.

My friend Stacy and I planned to ride to the race together, so I arrived at her house and we started out. We chatted the whole drive there and the time flew by. We got our bibs on and left the car to head to the busses that would take us to the start. The last busses were scheduled to leave the finish at 7:05 and it was about 6:50, so we jogged over to the bus line and then we could relax. We arrived at the start at about 7:15. It seemed like a long time to stand in the cold until the race started, but the time went pretty quickly. Two trips to the port-o-potty and it was time to find our places in the corrals. I saw another girl (Shannon) that I know and wished her luck and found a place to stand.

Before I knew it, we were off. There was no pace group for the 2:05 finish, so I was in charge of my own race. This was completely new to me. I’ve never run a race this long that I didn’t start near a pace group. I set my watch on the screen that shows the pace for the current mile you are on. I left it on that screen the whole time. I didn’t want the pressure of the running time, because I knew that if I could keep my pace under 9:30 per mile, I would make my goal. The first 4 miles all clocked in under 9:20. I tried to slow down, but I couldn’t make myself. By mile 5, which was a big downhill, I was under 9 minute miles. I did my best to slow down a little, but didn’t really succeed. When I was hitting the fast miles, I started to do some math in my head and realized that I could possibly run under 2 if I kept pushing. I wouldn’t let myself flip the screen to see my time – I really wanted to, but I knew I would make my 2:05 goal if I kept going and I didn’t want to push too hard too early if I thought I was close.

The first time I ran this race 4 years ago, I fell behind my goal pace group around the Sibley Park area. It was really in my head to not do that this time. I was feeling strong and I just concentrated on keeping that mile in the pace range I wanted. Spoiler alert – I did! I enjoyed the course and I did my best to stay relaxed and positive. I am actually impressed with how well this race went – mentally and pace wise. I always say racing is 99% mental and the longer the race, the more mental toughness you need, that’s what makes the longer distances more rewarding.

The final big climb of the race comes in at mile 11 or so and I was feeling a little tough by then. I decided to count my steps up the hill instead of thinking about the hill (30 steps). For the end of the race, I really tried to concentrate on powering up the hills, it really did work!

Coming into mile 12, we left the trail and headed back into town. I knew the end was near and I just wanted to push hard, so I gave it all I had. When I could finally see the finish line, I knew I needed to keep pushing. I didn’t let up. I didn’t have any left to spare, but that is exactly what I wanted to feel like.

As I crossed the finish line and pressed stop on my watch. I walked 2 steps and had to flip it to see what it said. The timing clock said 2:02, I wasn’t sure I was 2 minutes back in the start corral, so I flipped to the running time on my watch to find this:


1:59:49!!!!! Yes, that is under 2 hours!!! Yes, that is 5 minutes and 11 seconds faster than the goal I had set for myself!! My offical time is 1:59:51, 2 seconds slower than my watch, but I’ll take it! That is a 6 minute and 9 second Personal Record (PR) for me.

I was so stunned! I actually stopped the first volunteer in the finish shoot to tell. I needed to tell someone and she was nice enough to listen and congratulate me. It was funny, but I was so excited!!

Here is the way my miles played out: 9:18, 9:13, 9:16, 9:17, 8:52, 8:53, 9:06, 9:12, 9:24, 8:47, 9:11, 9:11 8:45 and the last sprint to the finish was 7:28!! 

I found the line for the food and waited and visited with some people and waited for Stacy to come around the finish. Two other guys I know found me (Wynn & Jacob – both PR’d too- way to go), so I visited with them a little before we headed to the car. It was cold and we were freezing!! Also, with the cold, our hips and legs were pretty sore – I was really happy with my time and once I saw it, I was not at all suprised why my legs felt like they worked hard, because they did!

We changed into dry, warm clothes and cranked up the heat in the car. I felt so much better once I warmed up. We went out to lunch (I got guacamole, so all was right in the world) and headed home.

I can’t say enough how happy I am with the way my race went. I know I trained hard and I knew I was ready for a good race. I never expected it to be a great race, so that added to the excitement.

Thank you all for your support. If you haven’t checked out my Island Boost giveaway, you should do that now, you’d have a great chance of getting yourself some free Island Boost if you do!


2 Responses to “Mankato Half Marathon Race Recap”

  1. Chris Carrigan Says:

    Great Job as always. I can’t even imagine running 2 hours or even an hour. I’ll just live vicariously through you. Keep up the good work. Glad your having fun.

  2. Tara Says:

    Hi Penny! Just stopping by to check out your blog! You’ve got some great content on here! Looking forward to reading! Cheers, Tara

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