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Sony W Series Walkman review November 17, 2013

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I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to review the Sony W Series Walkman. I was chosen through the Esprit de She program, which I found out this week I am for sure an Ambassador for again in 2014!  Rock on! I love being the Ambassador for them.

Let’s start with a little flashback. Do you remember when a Walkman used to look like this?



I can remember these very well, tapes that you had to listen to from beginning to end and the same few songs over and over again. Well, Walkman has come a long way since then. They have even progressed past earbuds with cords. They have come up with a new small sleek design. The only cord attached it from earpiece to earpiece with an adjustment cable to help you get the perfect fit.


As you can see, it is very compact. An amazing feature that I haven’t had a chance to try yet is the Walkman is completely waterproof, meaning I can wear it swimming laps! I can’t wait to try it for that!

They come in many different colors and honestly the pricepoint at around $80 is pretty reasonable for 4GB of room for music.

I loaded all of my songs on here in a very short time. It is completely user friendly and stays charged for 8 hours on a full charge. If you are wondering how it plugs in to charge and load…there is a docking station that plugs into the computer. Everything you need comes with the player, along with many different ear attachments for the inside of your ear so you can get the proper fit.

I only have one complaint. The power button is little and you have to hold it for 3 seconds to turn it on or off. It is a little tough when my fingernails get too long. There is a small lock to keep the power turned off and it can’t accidentally get turned on in your bag.

Overall, this is a great product and if I were looking to purchase a new Mp3 player, I would definitely consider purchasing this one.

Thank you Lifetime for the opportunity to be an Ambassador and for letting me do this fun product review!

On a training note, I’m preparing for my upcoming 5k by running fast intervals. I finally got to run outside yesterday, I’ve been running on the treadmill and it’s driving me crazy already. Thankfully the intervals have helped break up the fact that the treadmills at my gym are facing the mirror and I spend the entire time looking at myself – ugh! I have to do a little research for my fastest 5k time – I know the race, it was the Buffalo Triathlon this year, I swam and ran and my friend Stacy biked. I remember being amazed at how fast it was, but I can’t remember the exact time. I’m hoping to beat that time on Thanksgiving.

Also, on a crazy note, Stacy talked me into signing up for the Moustache Run half marathon on November 30th. Yes, 2 weeks from now! We are planning to use it as a training run for the half we are running on New Year’s Day. I’ve never run a race just to run before. I’ve run with people who set their pace and I’ve run to support them, so I’m guessing that this will be similar to that – should be fun, just different for me.

Have you ever done anything that you’ve been suprised by after you did it? Do you have anything you wish to accomplish before the year ends?


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