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Moustache Run Half Marathon Recap December 7, 2013

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Happy Winter!

Well, winter arrived here this week. We have about 6-8 inches of snow and the high temperature today is supposed to be 5 or less – burr! The funny thing is, last weekend I ran a half marathon and it was actually nice. It was about 30 some degrees when we finished running, which is pretty good for November 30th.

It has been a busy week, which is what took me so long to get to writing my recap. I cleaned and organized the house so I could put up the Christmas decorations, then we had the snow and last night we had a birthday party for my youngest daughter who will be 8 next week. Have I ever said how greatful I am that I only have 2 children? Holy buckets, 4 8 year olds are loud and crazy, but they had a great time and it really is fun to hear all the giggling and playing.

So, without further ado, here is my recap:
You may remember that Stacy talked me into this race and I hadn’t really trained for it, but I was still pretty set because of the Mankato Half just a month ago. She said it would just be for fun and an easy run…she lied! We took off and it felt like we were keeping a good pace. We were running in downtown Minneapolis on the same course that the Get Lucky (St. Patrick’s day) run uses, so I knew exactly where we were. I love this course. I we telling her what all the landmarks were and we chatted for the first 4 or 5 miles. Then I realized that we were not going to slow down and take this easy. Stacy was starting to talk less, so I knew she was working hard too, but yet, we never slowed down. As the course followed along the Mississippi River, there are alot of up and downhills, mostly rolling with a few steep ones thrown in for good measure. Since I had never done this race before, I didn’t know the course and around mile 6 or so, we started to see some of the leaders flying back toward the finish. I didn’t know where the course turned around, but it was interesting to see the leaders and then we just watched the runners for a while until we got to the turn around about mile 7.5.  We ran along and just enjoyed the views. We were working hard and I took a couple Island Boost before the turn around. I couldn’t remember when I had taken the last one, but when we got to about 8.5 I could tell I needed the fuel, so I took another one and I truely believe that saved the race for me. Before I took it, I was really struggling to keep up with Stacy, but after about 10 minutes, I was ready to go, but she started to wilt. She had the Island Boost I had given her, but she is a firm believer in nothing new on race day, so she didn’t want to try it, which I understand, but I wish she would have tried. We hit the 10 mile and I was finally relieved to know that I was comfortable enough to finish this race. We got to mile 12 and back to the pretty part of the course. We came up past the Guthrie Theater and then we got to cross the Stone Arch Bridge. The final 2 blocks of the course are on the same brick road that we started on. As we approached the finish, we picked it up a little and finished the “easy/just for fun” race in 2:01:50! That is only 2 minutes slower than the Mankato Half and I trained steady leading up to that race.

It’s amazing how fit I feel these days. I still wouldn’t say that the race was easy, but I will say it felt good. I really believe that I wouldn’t be the “speed demon” I am without Island Boost. I could be a commercial for them. Last year before I was using it as my all the time fuel, I struggled to get the 2:06 and this year, I didn’t even try that hard and got a 2:01. I really do believe in proper fuel and I try to eat healthy and stay hydrated, Island Boost is just the finishing piece of my puzzle and I am greatful that I discovered it when I did.


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  1. Tara Says:

    Congrats on a 2 hr finish. Very impressive!

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