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Baby it’s cold outside! December 23, 2013

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Well, where did the month go already?

Everybody is busy this time of year, and I am no exception. In the last week, we’ve had so much going on, but now, most everything is done and soon it’s time for the fun holiday.

The girls and I have the baking all done. Morgan even made some chocolate gifts for her teachers this year. The 3 of us made gingerbread and cutout cookies, peanut butter cookies with kisses (also known as peanut blossoms), thumbprint cookies and reindeer treats (circle pretzels with kisses and m&ms). Oh and I made fudge and a new salted caramel cookie. So I’d say we have enough sweets to last us a while. Yummmmm

I’ve been trying to keep up with running seeing as though I’m signed up for a 14 mile race on New Year’s Day, so Wednesday I ran 10 miles outside. It was the farthest I’ve run since the last race I ran on November 30th – yikes! It was also the first time I’ve run outdoors since then – it felt so good to get out there. Then today I ran outside again for 12 miles and let me say – baby it’s cold outside! I ran a loop road again like I’ve done in the winter before (only clear/safe footing near my house) and half the time I was running into the wind – ugh! But when I plugged my watch in and loaded my information I was actually quite fast. 30 seconds per mile faster than the last 12 miler I ran in September, so not to bad.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday. Enjoy your families and have a cookie or a drink for me! Remember ‘Tis the season!


2 Responses to “Baby it’s cold outside!”

  1. Tara Says:

    10 miles in the winter. You are my new hero! Great job Penny!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Cold running feels so much harder to me! I ran 10 miles this weekend but we had a freakish heat wave and it was 60 degrees. Thanks global warming! I don’t know what I’m going to do this weekend when I try to run outside…eek! #imfitpossible

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