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Winter training January 14, 2014

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Hey there everyone, thanks for coming back or coming for the first time. I’m happy you’re here!

So it’s been a little while since my last post, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking on my training, in fact, I ran 39 miles last week.  I started the week with an easy 4 miles, then 5 on Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday our schools were closed due to the extreme cold weather – the high on Monday was -14, it was crazy.

Wednesday was my birthday (39), it’s my last year in this age group, that’s my way of not dreading turning 40, I get to upgrade my age group status next year – I know it’s silly, but whatever works to not dread a new decade. So to celebrate my birthday I ran 10 miles. Sounds so exciting, but the girls had dance class, so I had 2 hours of time to waste in town.

Thursday I ran some speed miles and actually fit 6 in at lunch, that was tough and I don’t think I’ll be able to do that again soon, I was shot for the afternoon and I didn’t have any time to eat anything when I was done, just change and get back to work.

Friday I took a rest day. It was well derserved and needed. Saturday was supposed to be long run day, but my husband was lucky enough to get to go ice fishing (he says all is right with the world now), so I moved it back to Sunday. It worked out well, because the weather was nicer on Sunday.

So Sunday after we got home from church, I made some lunch and did some laundry and then it was time to head out for 14 miles. The middle 5 were to be at race pace. The only problem I saw with that plan is….I don’t know what my goal race pace is right now. I decided to just run those 5 at a comfortably difficult pace and see what that brought me.

The weather was really nice. The temp was mid 30s, huge improvement from the last time I ran 14 miles, and there wasn’t to much wind. I started out easy and headed out of town, when I hit the first turn to go with the little wind, it actually felt hot. I took off my gloves and put them in my pocket. I ran those 2 miles easy, took an Island Boost so that I would be ready when I turned into the breeze – again light breeze, but when you’re warmed up and the air is cool, it’s chilly. I turned and miles 4-5 were kind of tough, but I knew when I hit 5 it was time to actually try harder. The first fast mile clocked in at 9:10 – well, that’s interesting, I took a second Island Boost at mile 6 and that one clocked in at 8:47 – who am I? I just kept running. I stayed on the county road because I was nervous the trail was going to be full of snow/ice, the next 2 miles were both 8:35 – I was SHOCKED, I could tell I was starting to get tired though. I knew I only had one mile of fast left, so I just kept running. The last fast mile was an even more shocking 8:34! I’ll admit, I was really happy it was time to slow down. The funniest thing is, I slowed down and ran easy for miles 10-11 and it clocked 9:15, that’s not slow, but it felt so easy after the speedy miles. I took it easy for the last 4 miles. As it turns out, the trail was still ice and snow covered and I was very happy I took the county road instead. I kept running and only hit major tiredness around mile 12.5. At that point, I let myself walk between one set of telephone poles. It’s amazing how refreshed I felt after that tiny little walk break. I ran the last mile and a half to the car. It felt so good to be done.

I realize it wasn’t a race and I only ran the middle 5 hard, but my time was over 6 minutes faster that the Polar Dash. That is pretty amazing. Although, it was 40 degrees warmer for this run, that may have played a small roll.

My legs were pretty tired for the rest of the day, and I took a rest day today. I did some ab exercises and some arm weights today since we all know a rest day during the week is really not in my personality. Tomorrow it’s back to running fast – yipee!

Have you been active since the new year started? Tell me how….


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