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Prairie Dog Virtual Half Marathon January 20, 2014

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Today was race number 2 in my quest for 14 in 2014.


When I found this one, it made me laugh because on the shirt, the prairie dog is making a snow angel – now that’s cute! So I signed up to help me be ready for the Phoenix Half marathon on March 1st.

This weekend it snowed again, which makes our yard look like a winter wonderland.

Today, my daughter had a birthday party to attend, so I had 2 and a half hours to entertain myself in a different town. The only bad thing was that with the new snow, the streets were all a sloppy mess, so I ended up running in the country. That isn’t really a problem, it’s just mentally challenging because the scenery is pretty boring. Although, with it being winter, I never wished I had water with me like I do in the summer.

I started out and the temperature was pretty nice, probably 30, it was a little breezy, but not too bad. I had kind of a cross wind, so I was thinking I would have it on me the whole time. I did get a break from it as the road curved, so I was happy with that.

I continued running and just checked my watch as the miles clicked. The first one was the hardest – it always seems hard to get started. Around mile 8 I felt great, I couldn’t believe how good I still felt.

I was watching my times and knew that my 2nd half was going better than my first half was. I just kept running, not pushing too hard, but not running easy either. At mile 11, I started doing some math in my head and I knew I would come in under 2:03, even if I slowed down a little (darn the mental games I play with myself). But I didn’t allow myself to slow down. Then I hit the 12 mile beep and I had just under 10 minutes to go to be under 2 hours again – yipee!

I did my best to pick up my pace with what I had left. I turned into the church parking lot toward my car and sprinted through the puddles until my watch was at exactly 13.1.

That is actually a new personal record (pr) for my half marathon by 21 seconds. I was so happy. That last mile was tough. I haven’t has a chance to check the mile by mile times on my watch to see how fast that last mile was, but I know it was fast and tough.

So 2 races down, 12 to go. I’m thankful for virtual races, because they earn me some fun new bling and I can do them on my schedule instead of missing some of my families activities.

Come back soon for more crazy winter running fun!


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