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Dullness of winter February 15, 2014

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Happy Valentines day!

For those of you that are experiencing this long cold winter along with me….I saw the forecast and I saw a 40 degree day in it!

Running has been steady for me. Most of it has been inside on the treadmill, but at least I’m running.
Last weekend I did run outside for 12 miles and it was actually not windy. Lately it seems to be either cold or windy. It was still cold, but no wind at all – that was a nice change. My pace was good, the frozen land was kind of boring to look at, but I survived my last long run before the half marathon.

I won’t have a long run this weekend, because I will be relaxing on a Mexican beach for the long weekend!

I’ll have a much better post – hopefully with photos next week.

Happy weekend!!


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