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Get Lucky Minneapolis March 18, 2014

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On Saturday March 15, I got to run the Get Lucky Minneapolis 7k race. I say”got to” because this is one of my favorite races. It starts right in front of a place called the Mill City Museum, continues past the Guthrie theater and turns and runs over the very beautiful Stone Arch Bridge, once your are over the bridge, you run on a brick road (I think they should paint it yellow one year, just for fun) and continues along the river. It is simply a beautiful course. My only wish is that the race be in the spring or summer so I could see it in the beauty of full trees. I have run this race 3 times and each time I’ve been lucky enough to travel to it with family and/or friends. First it was my brother and sister-in-law and my husband, second it was all of them again plus a mutual friend of all of us and this time, a running friend and 3 of her friends and, a church friend of mine. It was really a fun morning. Although, the first 2 times we went out for Juicy Lucy burgers for lunch, I missed that this time!

Want a race recap??

The race has gotten so large that they started in waves this year. This is the first time I’ve been a part of that in a running only race. It worked out fine and we started in the second wave. With that many runners, you are obviously going to do some passing, I think we just kept passing people the whole race, but that works. Stacy likes to tell me that she won’t be able to keep up, or that were gonna take it easy, but we never do. We run really well together though, we have good hand signals for passing or staying, or moving right or left. I really do like running with her.

This time I have my mile splits for you…just because they seem to make me happy.
1. 9:19
2. 9:07
3. 8:42
4: 8:21
.35 8:13
Finish time: 38:28

Ok, I have to say I’m really happy with those times. I felt strong for most of the race. I did tell Stacy at the 4 mile mark “I mean this in a good way…I like how you always kick my ass!” She laughed, but it’s true, I always keep up with her, but if I were running alone and started to get tired, I would slow down, but since I have her next to me, I won’t slow down. She agreed. I keep her going on the flats and she pulls me up the hills – she is a beast on hills! I’m lucky to have a good running buddy!

We finished the race and found our group again. We never did find the beer….


It was a great day for race number 5 of the year. Next up is a 10 mile run in April – Goldy’s. Oh and tomorrow night I’m going back to the pool to swim some laps…triathlon season must be getting closer! Yea!!

Did you do any green celebrating this year??


One Response to “Get Lucky Minneapolis”

  1. Mary Long Says:

    That is such a cute jacket! Congrats to you and your running partner on your race 🙂

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