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Will spring ever arrive?? March 25, 2014

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Well, if you don’t know me in real life, you might think that after 2 races so far in March, I would take a break from training. If you do know me in real life, you know I’m crazy and that I rarely stop training…..

Now that spring is here (according to the calendar at least, mother nature hasn’t let go of winter yet) I am itching to get on my bike. I look at it in the garage every day and just keep thinking – soon!

Last week I started swimming again. I had a great swim. If every swim felt like that, I would definitely be happy. I started with one lap, then rested, then 2 laps and rested, then I was going to do 3…..I lost count! Honestly! Who can’t count to 3? It’s funny, but I just kept swimming. I wasn’t breaking any speed records, but I was swimming well. I kept going for around 20 minutes. It felt great to see my endurance wasn’t lost over the winter. I took a little break and then did 300 yards (6 laps) of fast swimming and then I went back to easy and swam another 15 minutes. It was so great. I’ll give it a try again tomorrow night…wish me luck that it feels just as good.

On Saturday, I declared that I was having long run withdrawasl and needed to run some double digits. Ryan laughed at my craziness, but I headed out into the 20 degrees and crazy wind. Burr!! I just ran on the tar and gravel roads by my house, but it works. It was a mile into the wind, turn around go a mile with the wind, turn back into the wind. This continued for 12 miles. Thank goodness that half of the time was with the wind, I may have been an icicle if I wouldn’t have had that break. My pace was great, but it didn’t feel really hard, it ended up at a 9:08 average, which is pretty awesome for just an average weekend run. The last mile was my fastest at 8:30. I was really pleased with that pace after 11 miles in the cold and wind.

I’ll leave you with this thought: I’m considering signing up with some friends for a long course triathlon in June. I would be the swimmer and the swim distance is .9 mile. I want to do it. My confidence is very low in swimming. The longest swim I’ve done in a lake is 1/2 mile. I am really looking for advice and or training tips. Do you have any you can share with me?? I know I can do it in a pool….


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  1. Chris Says:

    Well I don’t have any training tips for you but think about how you don’t really like running inside and how being outside gives you so much more energy and freedom. The samething with swimming, you will be outside and free. If you set your mind to it you will be able to do it. Training should be no different start out slower and work your way up, get in a lake as soon as you can. Don’t think about how swimmimg isn’t your strong suit(suit HAHAHA), because we know whatever you set your mind to you will do. Go for it!! Do you best and it always turns out well. Thats if the ice is off of the lake by then. YOU CAN DO IT! If I had a wet suit I would go with you for company. Maybe I would be better off on shore cheering you on! whatever I can do.

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