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What a difference a week makes April 2, 2014

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April showers bring May flowers….I thought the Mayflower was a ship! Ok, sorry, it’s been one of those weeks, I thought a joke might do us all some good. Seriously though, it’s supposed to snow again this week – seriously Mother Nature, we get it and you’ve made your point, now we want spring!

Last time I posted about the freezing cold weather and the wind I ran my 12 mile in, this time I’m telling you the opposite. I ran outside both days this weekend because it was so nice I couldn’t stay inside. Saturday was a little windy and I wasn’t in the mood to push myself, but I had an hour and a half in town while Claire was at a basketball clinic, so I ran a nice easy 7 miles, allowing myself to walk when I wanted…it was nice. I felt so good when I was done, I couldn’t even believe I almost chose not to run. (I think aliens overtook me for a little bit!) Then on Sunday, I was set to run another 12 miles. It was 12 because I misread my training plan and ended up doing the same week twice – oops! So I set out to run on the gravel again. My knee had been a little wonky and I thought the softer ground would really help it and it did – yipee! The weather was beautiful – I even wore capris for the first time all year, one long sleeve shirt and a vest over the top so I had some pockets for my Island Boost and I was actually really warm. Now that is a serious improvement from the week before when I practically froze my fingers off. My time was a little slower than the week before, but still averaged around a 9:30. I’ll take it!

Last week I mentioned that I was nervous about the almost mile swim, so I decided during laps I would time myself and swim a mile (32 laps) and see what happened. I finished in exactly 35 minutes. Not bad. I still have 2 months to work on my speed, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up doing the long distance swim. If everything works out well in the next couple weeks, we’ll sign up and then I’ll be set. I know if I don’t do it, I’ll always wonder if I could have done it. I know I can, now if the little devil on my shoulder would start agreeing with my brain we’d all be set to go!

Also, some exciting news that I forgot to share because I was on vacation when I learned about it: I’m back as an Island Boost Ambassador!! I needed to reapply for the new year, and I was accepted back in. I’m so happy to get to work with a company that I truely believe has changed my athletic career (who thought I would ever have one of those??). I feel that IB has honestly helped me improve my running times and this year I want to use it more during biking to see if I can make some more improvements there. I have a new ambassador logo over on the right. I had changed it when the coloclate flavor was launched, but they changed it up again so that it will look great on a new black shirt that I will be getting to wear while racing to help promote the company. I’ll post a picture when I get it 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!


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