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Goldy’s Run 10 mile race April 13, 2014

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Welcome back to my little place on the internet. Glad you were able to stop by, hopefully you enjoy your visit and come back often!

I haven’t been having very good internet service at home for over a week. It’s very frustrating and I miss being able to keep up on my blog reading or even emailing or texting people. It’s amazing how dependent we can be on technology for keeping up with things. Hopefully Sprint will get my service better soon. Today on the way home from church, I had service until we pulled in the driveway – ugh!! So I’m writing my post at home and I’m going to load it when we go back to town for Morgan’s band concert.

So I should get to that race recap….

Race number 6 for the year, was Goldy’s 10 mile run yesterday. Quick review for you: Polar Dash 14 mile, Prairie Dog half (virtual), Snowball Shuffle (virtual), Phoenix Half, Get Lucky. This is the 2nd year I’ve run the Goldy’s run. I like the 10 mile distance and the course is very nice (hilly, but beautiful). One of these years, I want the sun to be out and to be able to stay after and enjoy the post race fun. Yesterday, just like last year, the girls had soccer, so I left shortly after finishing my run to try to catch some of the games…I walked up to the field just as the final whistle blew. A for effort, F for timing.

The race starts at 8 am across the street from TCF stadium and travels down a beautiful old street and around campus and along the Mississippi river before crossing and going along the other side of the river and back through campus. They changed it around a little from last year, not better or worse, just different. There are a few places that are really hilly, but it makes it more rewarding to be done.

As the Star Spangled Banner was being played, the rain was pouring down. The drops were awfully big, almost like snow, but thankfully not white. We counted down for the hand-cycle athlete and then a 10 second countdown and we were off. The first mile is always congested, but the adrenaline of everyone around makes it feel easy (9:18) then we started winding around campus for the next miles (9:10 & 8:57). Thankfully the rain stopped by the time we were about 2 miles in. At this point, we were on the same course as for the polar dash, I remembered a big hill, but also remembered the bridge we cross was coming (9:01). The problem with bridges is that you usually have to climb to get up and over them. Cross the bridge and head back toward campus. This side of the bridge is where the mustache run was. There was a nice lady I visited with after she pointed out the eagles flying overhead. Her name was Christi. She offered me a spot on her Ragnar Colorado team. I really want to be able to do that relay race one year, someplace new and different. It will hopefully happen after the girls are older, it’s just too expensive to do now with everything else. Oh well… We visited for about a mile. It was nice to not think about running for a little bit. I ended up going ahead of her on hill and saw her on my way down. I saw her at the finish, but I was already on my way up the stairs and was trying to get back for soccer. The next miles clicked by (8:57, 8:56 & 9:00). That took us over the half way mark and on the rolling hills of the Mississippi. Then came the giant hill that almost killed me during the mustache run. Last year, the course went to the top and turned around and came back down. That was mean, I wondered why they had that bridge in there if you just got to the top and came back down! This year, they had us continue further at the top. It took us all the way to the Guthrie (which is where the Get Lucky was) before we turned and ran straight into the wind! I was looking forward to the downhill until the wind blew my hat off because it was so strong! So even the downhill wasn’t easy (bummer!) We got to the bottom and turned to go back uphill so we could cross another bridge (9:07 & 9:20). Then we were back on campus and back on the same beautiful street for the trip back to the stadium. Once we get to the stadium, we run around the while stadium before running down the tunnel and finishing on the 50 yard line. I remember last year I thought we would never get to that final turn, yesterday it snuck up in me and it was the final sprint. My last mile was my fastest at 8:51, and my final sprint to the finish was a super fast 5:06!

My official time was 1:31:34, which is 3:10 faster than last year! My watch, which is where the times above are from said 1:31:17, but it lost signal in the tunnel in the final sprint and one other time during the race going under a bridge, so that explains the few seconds difference.


My friend Stacy was supposed to go with me, but family comes first and she needed to skip this one. She’s joining me again in May for her first Duathlon at the Esprit de She race. I’m looking forward to that.

Happy Sunday!


One Response to “Goldy’s Run 10 mile race”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I didn’t know you had a race yesterday!! Sounds like everything went well!!:)
    I like the shirt and the medal! Pretty cool!

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