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Where has the month gone? April 28, 2014

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Well, it’s the end of April already. It has been a busy month around our house…soccer (when it’s not snowing), band concerts, swimming, running, piano, dance, girl scouts and now braces appointments. Most of that goes on all during the school year, but it seems to go faster as the school year winds down.

Yesterday both of the girls has soccer games. I love to watch them play. Both teams did well and Morgan even scored a goal! We got home just in time for me to listen in on an Island Boost conference call. Basically it was a welcome and let’s get excited about Island Boost for the Ambassadors call. I really do enjoy working with Laura and I truly believe I am a better athlete since I started using Island Boost regularly.  After lunch, I finally headed out for my 9 mile run. It was so windy. I’ve said that before, but it was crazy. Ryan brought me a drink of water at my 5 mile mark and I almost cried and asked him to bring me home. He laughed (not in a mean way) and said ok…he knew I wouldn’t cave and quit. I was so grateful to turn and head the last half mile with the wind. I ran that half mile at 7:23!!! I couldn’t slow down. I know it was the wind, but I was flying! I was so thankful to be home. I think next time I’m just going to run the whole way with the wind and make somebody come and pick me up!

Tuesday night I actually got to take my bike out for a quick spin. I think I went about 8 miles. It felt pretty good, considering it still had the Iron Girl number on it from my race in September. It’s a good thing I got out then too, because it’s supposed to rain every day this week and I have a triathlon on Saturday.

On Thursday, I ran some hill repeats. It was a little mental struggle, but my legs felt great, and I stuck out all the repeats and felt strong. Mission accomplished!

Last weekend, the girls spent the night at Ryan’s sisters house and my long run was planned for Saturday. Ryan wasn’t doing anything, so I invited him along for part of my run. He agreed, so we headed out. I thought he would run 3-4 with me….he ran 7.5 miles! It was really nice to have some company and it was really nice that we spent the miles together. I never thought he would willingly run with me – who knew!

Monday Morgan got her braces on. Welcome to 18 months of fun!


She was still happy at this point, but Tuesday morning was a huge wake up call for her. She couldn’t even bite into her waffle, but as the week went on, she got much more comfortable. She’ll survive and I think she’ll gain a little pain tolerance along the way. I’m not being a mean mom, just stating a fact that she’s been very healthy in her life and hasn’t had much pain to deal with, and this will help her in the long run.

I realize this was kind of a jumble of days…kind of like the way I talk in real life. If I don’t wash away in all this rain, I’ll try to be more organized for my next post, but I’m not guaranteeing anything.


One Response to “Where has the month gone?”

  1. Jeri Says:

    Way to go… running in the wind and rain! It’s so nice that Ryan is joining you once in awhile – that must make the time go more quickly. Morgan looks cute in her braces and I’m glad to hear the pain is more bearable…. until the dreaded tightening… geez I remember those days… not fun.

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