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Week in rewind May 6, 2014

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Hello! Well, my phone service is still kind of lacking, so I have been waiting to write my post until it is actually working and it actually is, so here we go – a week in rewind.

Today I went for a 4 mile run at lunch. I planned to take it easy and enjoy the weather. I did take it easy, but I came up with a new moto: If running in the wind makes me stronger…I’m totally Wonder Woman! Man it was windy out there today. Thankfully, I looked at the flags on the way into town and saw which way the wind was blowing, so I started out that way and enjoyed the parts that were with the wind. Good thing I had hair spray in my gym bag to fix my hair after that.

Yesterday I ran 5 miles at lunch. 5 is always a little tricky if I’m going to get back in time to actually eat my lunch, but I wanted to give an outside 5 miles a chance. As it turns out, it was my fastest 5 miles in a long time. My time was 42:50, which averages about 8:33 or something close to that. The last mile was 8:18. Funny thing is when I’ve been running 5 miles on the treadmill, the minimum time I’ve run them in is 46:30. It amazes me how much easier it is for me to run outside.

Sunday was my Goddaughters Confirmation and my daughter’s award ceremony for Girl Scouts. It was a nice family day.

Saturday was the Fruit at the Finish Triathlon. Race number 7 and first triathlon for the year. It was a half mile pool swim, 13ish mile bike ride and 3ish mile run. I finished in 1:35 and some seconds. This is the 2nd time I’ve done this race, last year it had snowed the week of the race, so they shortened the bike and changed the run courses and this year, they didn’t have the courses marked very well, so I don’t think I will be going back next year. I placed 7 out of 35 women (they only break it into men &women, no age groups). During the swim, I felt stressed out, which is pretty standard for the swim part, but when I finished the clock said 15:00 and last year, I remember it was 16:xx. I was very pleased with over a minute improvement in the water. I headed out to my bike and I followed the first directions – head left – there were no other markers to lead you off campus and onto the bike course. I was so grateful to see some women ahead of me that I could follow. So I headed out and by the 2 mile mark, there was nobody to follow, thankfully I understood where to go and at the major turns, there were volunteers telling me which way to turn. About mile 4, I did catch the girl I shared my swim lane with and chatted with her a minute while I passed her. We got to ride on the Lake Wobegon Trail for a while, which is nice and flat, but it was straight into the wind (ugg!), when we turned and finished the course on the hilly part, the cross wind was still brutal. I hate feeling like I’m going to blow over! Finally back to transition and ready to run. This year, the run was on a trail through the woods. The course was not marked and there were 2 times I had to go back and ask the last volunteer which way to go. Trail running is hard, and I really do respect the people who rock trail races. As I was about to get off the trail and head back to the finish, I saw a man taking pictures – I actually joked with him that I was happy I wasn’t lost! I ran down to the finish and had some “Fruit at the Finish”.

Friday was a rest day, but during the day, I spent some time emailing with my running friend Stacy (it actually started Thursday night and continued on Friday) and let me tell you that somewhere along the line, we misunderstood each other and somehow I agreed to run 2 more half marathons this year – oops! The one I was thinking of anyway it’s in November – the moustache run. We did it last year and it was fun. The other is Mankato. We did that last year too, but I wasn’t planning to do that one this year because the Monster Dash is only 6 days later. Before I knew it and could fix it, she signed up for those 3 for us to run together. Good thing I had a little left in the running stach since I returned the running shoes that weren’t quite right – phew! I’m not complaining, because we always have fun when we run together. We take turns driving and it is really fun to be able to share races with somebody else who enjoys them. But, now I do need to find a way to make some extra cash….anybody got an easy job for me to do to make enough money to buy new running shoes??

I think that takes us back to the last post.

What are your plans for Mother’s day? I’d love to hear them. I’m waiting for the weather forecast, I’m thinking a family bike ride would be a fun way to spend the afternoon.


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  1. I think that its awesome that you participate in tris! i just followed you from #sweatpink! I wish I could run as fast as you! Oh well..a couple more half marathons wont hurt you!!

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