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Lyft product review May 26, 2014

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This month I was lucky enough to get to review a second item called Lyft. It’s a clean caffeine supplement.

The information that’s included with the product says that it is the equivalent to a large coffee. It is know to have a clean taste and be calorie free. It is made from green coffee bean extract and vitamin A and B complex for added benefits.

When I first opened it, I was suprised that it was powdery inside the stick. I stirred it into my nuun. It is flavorless and I really feel like it did give me a Lyft! I was able to use one stick in two drinks. I could tell there was still powder to dissolve, that’s why I used it in two.

There are 2 sticks in the package. The recommendations on the package suggest that you don’t consume more than 3-4 servings per day.

Please visit their website at

Fuel your morning
Invigorate your day
Kickstart your night


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