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Esprit de She Duathlon Recap June 3, 2014

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May 18th, I was part of the Esprit de She Lakeville, Duathlon. This is the race that I am an Ambassador for – which is awesome! This is the 2nd year of the race. They had a special bib and special booth at the expo just for “Founding Finishers” from last year. At the special booth, they were giving away make-up samples, so I picked up some sparkle roll on (I thought the girls would like that), some blush and some chap stick. They also had a wall with all of the Founding Finishers names on it. I did find my name, but I didn’t have my phone along to take a picture.

This is the first multi sport event that I actually traveled to with a group of girls. It was fun to be with all of the newbies – there were 3 of them – and to feel their nerves and try to calm them. They were funny though, because they were all new, so they don’t have biking shoes or anything special, so they were in transition for a total of 5 minutes before they were ready to leave for the start – which was a half mile away. So, I checked my stuff quick and away we went. That is by far the least amount of time I have ever spent in transition getting ready. We walked over to the Lifetime Fitness where the start and finish were and waited inside the warm building. It was chilly, but it looked like it would be a perfect day for racing.

It was about time to start, so we made our way to the start corral. They had some caution tape between the age groups, so I said goodbye to Stacy and went one age group ahead of her. The MC sang a beautiful Star Spangled Banner and we were off.

They changed the run course this year, making it a point to point course. It was good. The only problem I saw was a bunch of hills and it was about .3 miles over the 2 miles it was supposed to be. Not that I can’t run 2.3 miles, but when they calculate your pace for 2 miles and you actually ran 2.3 miles, it is a little discouraging. Oh well, I know how fast I ran.

The bike course was mostly new roads which is nice because it is smooth. The wind was crazy, so that made it a bit of a challenge.  Something happened during this bike ride that has never happened to me during a race…my tire went flat. Thankfully it didn’t go completly flat, but man-o-man is it hard to ride on a mostly flat tire. I was climbing hills at the beginning and middle, but by the end, I was getting passed by all of the ladies as they were flying downhill and I was not! The last 3 miles or so, I just kept praying that I wouldn’t ruin my tire by riding on it. I could tell I wasn’t riding on the medal, but Icould tell it was very flat. I finally made it back to transition. My transiton was pretty slow because my legs were really tired from trying so hard on the bike. I still averaged 16.8 miles an hour for that tough bike ride. I can only imagine how fast I had been averaging before my tire lost so much air.

I made my way out on the run and my legs finally started to get their feeling back. I concentrated on the course and just kept running. I remember passing one lady that I had seen twice on the bike course, once when I passed her and once when she passed me back on that hateful downhill when I couldn’t coast. I made the final turn and tried my best to push to the finish line. I gave what I had left and crossed the finish line in 1:26:50.

I was definetly happy with my effort. I would have loved the wind to be less and the air to be in my tire, but other than that, it was a good race.

My 3 friends all finished their races and were happy with their efforts. They all said that the wind was killer for their bikes too. The second run was tough after that bike, but they were all happy to be done and we all posed for a photo.


We made our way to the after race party and had some breakfast and mimosas – yumm! We hung out for a while and chatted before we posed for one more photo.


The greatest part of this race is that they give the best swag – seriously!! The race shirt is a great Moxie bike jersy and the medal is a nice feminine tear drop shape.


I can’t believe it took me 2 weeks to write a race recap! It’s been kind of a crazy life around here, but I think I prefer crazy overy boring. This week is the end of the school year. This Friday is the girls’ dance recital and this Sunday is another race – Trinona.

That Sunday afternoon when Ryan and Morgan went to softball practice, I went out to change my flat tire (it was completely flat when we got back to transition). I opened the bag on the back of my bike with the tools and tube and air pump only to find that the tools weren’t in the bag like I thought they were! It’s a good thing that my tire was holding a little air or I would have been in trouble. I couldn’t have changed it without the tools, I suppose I would have had to start walking it back – I’m just thankful it didn’t come to that! I got the rubber off and took out the tube and found the little rock culprit still stuck in the tube. I put in a new tube and pumped it up and back on the bike it goes. I am glad that I got the refresher on changing the tire (I was out of practice) so that if I have to do it again soon, at least it isn’t as foreign. I did get out riding last weekend and my new tire held air for the 17 or so miles, so I think I’m ready for this weekend’s race.

Do you have any good plans for the summer? Tell me what you’ve been up to! I’d love to hear what my readers are doing! PLEASE!!


3 Responses to “Esprit de She Duathlon Recap”

  1. I’m so sorry about the flat – it’s a fear of mine for races! I guess I’ll add “double check bike seat bag” to my checklist of things to do in transition or before leaving. I always just assume I have all the stuff I need in there!

  2. Amanda Says:

    I did an EDS race a little while ago. It was awesome. Yes the jersey they gave us was so cute!! I wear it often and always get compliments. Great recap!

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