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Summer heat = reduced speed June 16, 2014

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So it would be a rare occasion that I complain about the heat. I love summer and I love hanging out by the water. It can be a pool or lake or beach, I’m not picky. My only complaint about summer is that we went from winter to summer very quickly, so I hardly feel like my body got to gently arrive ready for the heat. Basically we went from wearing long sleeves running to sweating in a tiny tank top.

In addition to the summer heat, I’m between training plans. I don’t feel the same amount of motivation for running without a training plan. I haven’t skipped a lunch hour run (except for stuff my girls have going on) but for 2 weekends in June, I didn’t get a long run in. I feel a little like a slacker!

This weekend is my 2nd lake triathlon of the summer. It’s a brand new to me race, the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon. It’s a half mile swim, 15 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. Some friends are doing this race too, so that will be fun. I’ve done a few races with this group and they are fun to hang around. One of the guys is a good friend of my husband (the rest of the friends were his first, but they’ve happily welcomed me to the group), so we’ve known each other for over 20 years.

I’ve been doing my best to do some speed work on my 5 mile run days. Do you have any tips for running speed in the heat? I’m thinking of trying to run more hills in the cemetary because it’s pretty shaded there. I really feel like running more hills last year helped me reach my half marathon pr. I’m not sure what my fall goals are. I have a lot of races scheduled, so I know I can’t shoot for personal best times at all of them. I will be running 3 races with Stacy again, she always challenges me a little, which I really like. We complement each others running well – when she’s not pushing me, I’m pushing her – it’s great!

My girls are scheduled to have their first swim meet this weekend too. I’m sad that I’ll miss it for my race, but they understand that I have my hobbies too and they like to tell me about it after we get home. I get to go to 3 of their meets and their triathlon yet this summer. I really do love to watch their stuff.

Well, now that I’ve got those ramblings all out of my system, what do you have planned this summer? Anything new or different for you and your family? Do you have a training plan you are working with? For what distance? I could use one for my fall half marathons – suggestions??


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