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Lake Minnetonka Triathlon June 23, 2014

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Happy Summer!! I’m glad summer has finally arrived, even if it had to arrive in the form of flooding throughout our town. Thankfully for us, we don’t have any damage. My parents needed to take out a little carpet, but nothing major. The town as a whole is still a mess, closed roads, many houses with basements ripped apart, pumps moving water. It will all recover just fine, I’m just happy we aren’t a farming family.

So anyway on to triathlon talk since the name of the blog is “This Penny Tris”

Saturday I participated in the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon. This was a new event for me, but the 11th year for the race. I’ve heard some great reviews and was excited to try it out.

The race is a 1/2 mile swim, 15 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. The entire course was nice. The lake is clear. It is really high this year, so they have boating restrictions and the beach was pretty much non-existent, but it was clear, so that’s nice. The bike course was rolling hills, but really nice roads and the run was a mixture of road and crushed rock trail.

I made a friend in the transition area. Her name is Trish and we were pretty evenly matched for this event. She was a little faster than me, but we seemed to meet up in transition. We visited before the race and started in the same wave. She is really nice and I’m glad that I had someone to hang out with.

During the swim, I will be honest and say that I always struggle a little with the mental game. It seemed to take a long time to get to the first bouy, but when I rounded that one, I felt a little better. I made it to the 2nd and the mental game started again. I saw a few other color swim caps pass me, but then I used them for sighting. I relaxed again and rounded the last bouy and someone was being helped by a lifeguard. I relaxed because I knew I felt better than that! I pushed forward and waited to get to the mat so I didn’t cut my feet on a rock and finished up my swim. I’ve only swum a half mile once in a lake and that time my time was 18:12, this time: 16:25! Yippee!

Transition is transition, I hurried as best I could and headed out to bike.

I liked the fact that the roads were pretty smooth. It didn’t seem like any of the hills were super long, but there were a lot of rollers. The only one that stands out in my memory is the one right before the turn around. I even used my big chain wheel again. I’m always nervous to shift in and out of out of it because I don’t want my chain to fall off. Well, my worries are a little better now. I was trying to shift and my chain locked on the 3rd wheel. It didn’t fall off, but I couldn’t pedal. I had to stop and fix it. I was riding with Trish at the time, so I sent her on her way. All it took was a little tug and I got the chain off the big wheel and onto the middle and I was good to go. I probably only lost 1 minute before I was off riding again. Lesson learned: use the 3rd and if you lose the chain, it only takes a minute to fix. I finished the bike with an average pace of 18. That is a new personal best pace for me on that too! Yippee!

I got back to transition shortly behind Trish and she told me I should never have mentioned my fear of the chain and I agreed that I cursed myself, but explained it was all good. Asked her if she was ready – “let’s do this” and off we went.

The run started out single file, and Trish is a little faster than me, so she was in the lead. I had one other girl to pass. I did, but Trish had a little distance on me. That’s ok, it’s my race and her race. I wouldn’t want her to run slower because of me. We ran along, smelling popcorn from the popcorn cart (yummm) and having a ton of supporters out to cheer. We turned on the trail and you could see the finish line across the lake. I decided to look forward and wait until the trip back to focus on the finish line. I kept running and just focused on my breathing to help not think about being hot. I made the turn around and thought I could push a little more. I passed some people and focused on the closest one and closed the gap and passed – next, find another, close the gap – you get the idea. As I got closer to the finish, I started encouraging those going out on their run. I realize I should do that all along, but sometimes you don’t have the energy. I rounded the corner to the finish line and was welcomed in by the announcer. My run time was 26:05, which is a minute and 5 seconds faster than 2 weeks ago. I’ll take that!

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful race and a personal best kind of day. I’m glad I tried this race. I did miss a swim meet of the girls’, but they told me all about it when I got home.

Happy summer!!


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  1. Cindy Says:

    Awesome as always!!:)

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