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A (somewhat) lazy weekend June 29, 2014

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It’s the last weekend of June and the first weekend in a long time that I can say I got to sleep until 8! It sounds silly to say 8 is sleeping in. Sometimes being a grown up stinks.

Friday night Ryan and I helped sell fireworks at the local booth that supports our girls’ dance studio. I did make one mistake and didn’t clear out one customer before I started the next one. Thankfully the nice man came back so we could fix it. I felt bad, but it worked out ok.

Saturday morning, Ryan left early to go to St. Paul to help a friend build a park. His friend and his wife built a memorial park in honor of their daughter who passed away last fall. It was wonderful that he could go and help. He stayed for the dedication ceremony.


While he was gone, the girls and I went to their swim meet. They each signed up for 4 individual swims and a relay. They swam so hard. I love watching them. I was in charge of collecting times and handing them over to the ladies in charge of writing on the ribbons.



These pictures are after the award ceremony. I’m so proud of how well they did.

On Thursday night, we were lucky enough to attend an event called a “Pinky Swear Picnic” for the Miracles of Mitch Foundation. We got a tour of the office, were able to meet some of the very nice staff and enjoy an evening with other racers. This weekend they had a special matching donation weekend for top fundraisers. With the matches we will receive, the girls have reached their $1000 goal! They are so excited!

After swimming yesterday, we hung out at home because it rained (again). My mom is having a garage sale later this summer so we got some things together and priced them. Glad to get some of that done. Claire was a huge help.

Today, we hung out in the pool. I love hanging out in the pool!

Now that the weekend is over…ugh! At least it’s a 4 day work week. And next weekend Morgan turns 13!!!! Oh my goodness, where did the time go??


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