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Lifetime Tri Minneapolis July 13, 2014

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You may remember earlier this year I mentioned that there was a new race I registered for that intimidated me a little because it’s really large. That race was yesterday. Lifetime Tri Minneapolis. As it turned out, it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. I was still nervous going in because my parents had seen coverage of it on the news the day before and everything. There are pro triathletes at the event, that is why it draws so much attention, so nobody was too worried about little old me – thank goodness!

I set my alarm for 4:10 so I could get my packet picked up before they closed that part at 6 and it took me an hour to drive there and I wasn’t sure how far I would have to walk to the start. As it turns out, I could have probably slept until 4:30, but this worked out well.

I found a place to park near the Caribou Coffee that a friend suggested and started my walk over to the start. Normally I would bike, but the Lifetime events have gone with a clear bag policy, and I can’t bike and carry the clear bag with all my stuff in it, so I walked. I did visit with a nice man on the walk over. He is also doing the series and he hadn’t picked up his packet yet either, so we found our way together. It is always nice to visit with new people – that is one of my favorite parts, and it’s good since I often (always) go to triathlons alone.

I got my packet and shirt and headed into transition. I got all my stuff set up and watched people for a little while. I tried to find Amy who I knew was there someplace and didn’t have much luck. I walked the transition area to get the feel for all the enter and exit places and then gathered up my wetsuit and goggles and left transition before they closed it. I hung out in the beach area for the national anthem and visited with a nice family doing the relay. I finally took a seat and then Amy found me. We visited the rest of the wait time along with another nice lady named Sarah.

Before I knew it, it was my start time. Here are some pictures I found on the Lifetime Facebook page.


Overlooking the lake


The calm before the race


The starting arch

Sarah and I were going to start swimming together, 2 people every 3 seconds. The starting man gave high fives as the 2 people started while the time record keeper input our numbers. 3, 2,1 And we were off. I started it calm and willed myself to remain calm and my goal was to have no negative talk this race – I accomplished that goal! At the first bouy, it was really congested, there were women that didn’t sound very happy. I could hear one lady tell another one that she cut her off. Ok, it’s a triathlon swim, that will happen. I just kept going. I was happy to be at the first turn and just kept going. Sarah and I were the last group of 2 and one lady started behind us, so every raspberry colored swim cap I passed, my confidence grew. Just sayin’ – I passed a bunch of them – sorry, had to brag for a minute there. Then I was at the second turn and headed to shore. I felt good and strong and kept going. When I exited the water, I just tried to make it to my bike. The transition was long. I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say 2-2 1/2 blocks from the beach to my bike.

Swim = 9:03

I finally made it to my bike, got my legs out of my wetsuit. Got my shoes and helmet and off I went.

Transition = 3:22

Off and biking. I really liked the bile course. It did have a lot of potholes, but it was really beautiful. There were many parts that I have run in before (Polar Dash, Moustache Run, Goldy’s Run) lots of races utilize the roads that line the Mississippi River. There was one bridge that we crossed that was just beautiful. I smiled at a woman cheering and she complemented my smile and I said to the woman biking next to me “how could you not smile, it’s beautiful up here!” There were cliffs off the side of the bridge and just across the bridge, were beautiful full green trees, all you could see were the cliffs, the trees and the bridge we were on. I wish I could have taken a picture. I felt good the whole bike course. I stayed on the large chain wheel, so I felt like I was flying. I ended up finishing with an 18.1 mph pace. Not too bad! Oh, I almost forgot about another fun part. Another lady and I played cat and mouse the whole bike ride. I finally introduced myself about the half way mark. Her name is Ann. She seemed nice and we did get back to transition at the same time, but I didn’t see her running. There was another lady too (I didn’t get her name) that I kept watching. I remembered watching her a lot because she had on a cute swim suit with her shorts. She complemented me for pushing her the whole race. I laughed with her a minute too. I never saw her running either.

Bike = 49:44

I cruised back into transition and changed my shoes and grabbed my hat and Island Boost and took off running. I could tell I would want the extra push, so I grabbed 2.

Transition 2 = 2:18

As I took off running, I just wanted to watch for my biking friends, hoping to use them as a distraction, but I didn’t see them. I took my first Island Boost and settled in for the run. I read in the race packet that there were water stops at the 1 and 2 mile marks, so I wanted to make sure I pushed between then and I would get a small break each mile. I made it to mile one and took a water break and started running again. I wasn’t getting passed by many people and I was passing a few. I was coming up to the 2 mile and I took my last Island Boost. I was pushing, but not dying yet (bonus) and when I saw the sign indicating that there was .2 miles left I picked it up. I felt strong and used most of what I had left as I crossed the finish line with a big smile on my face.


Not me running, but a glimpse of the course.

Run = 26:13
Total time = 1:30:42
14 out of 45 in my age group and 52 out of 290 females

A great race at a great place! The post race party was pretty great too. The food was great! They served Nokomis Dogs (hot dogs with cole slaw and a teardrop shaped sweet red pepper all on a poppyseed bun) chips and salsa and corn fritters. Yum!! That is all there is to say about the food – Yum!!

In 3 weeks the girls have their triathlon at the same place. I was excited about the fact that my run during this race is the same as the bike course for them. As I looked around and thought about them biking, it made me very proud to have the best girls with such big hearts.

I did realize all the places that are still flooded and the swampy smell around the lake so I hope for their sake that the water goes down before the Miracle Kids.

I had to come home and count, but this was my 12th race of my 14 in 14 qwest. I doesn’t seem like I’ll have a problem reaching that goal. 🙂


Race goodies

It probably won’t come as a surprise, but I loved this race and I imagine I’ll go back again next year. To be fair, I hardly ever do a race I don’t like!


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  1. Amy Lee Says:

    Oh Penny, I will miss you so much. I’m very thankful that you captured the races in your blog.

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