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Evenings of Me time July 28, 2014

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This past week, my girls took part in a sports Bible Camp each evening (Claire played volleyball and Morgan helped). This meant that I had 2 1/2 hours to myself each night. The camp was in Hutchinson which is the next town over from ours, so not only did I have free time, it was time that I could not spend cleaning the house, pricing garage sale stuff or doing anything else at home. Yea!

Monday night I made an appointment with my sister for a hair cut. Thank goodness! My hair was long for me. It is so much more summer friendly now. After my haircut, my sister and I went for a walk. It was nice to chat with her for a little while. We rarely get to hang out just the 2 of us.

Tuesday I decided I was going it try a double run day. I ran 4 miles at lunch and then after I dropped the kids off I started walking. I walked the 3 miles to the gym and rode the indoor bike for a while (I was going to bike outside but it was really windy and I’m not comfortable riding by myself in crazy windy weather) and then I ran back to the church. It was really a beautiful night.


Wednesday was scheduled to be a rest day. I decided to finalize my training plan for my crazy October of racing. I had decided earlier in the day that yoga in the park would be nice. I brought my yoga mat along with me and found a quiet place at the park to set up. I downloaded a yoga app and did about 45 minutes of yoga. It was beautiful and relaxing. Just as I was packing up my mat, about 2 dozen geese came over to greet me. Thank goodness I was done, I don’t think they would have left me alone!



Thursday during the day I decided that I would do a trial run of the Looney Challenge. I ran 5 miles at lunch. It was scheduled as negative split, so I ran the last 2 miles at a faster pace than the first ones. Then in the evening I ran 3 miles. This is a longer break than I get in the Looney Challenge, but my body needs to get used to multiple runs on the same day. I did the same thing as on Tuesday, I walked to the gym and ran back. The wind was making the fountain in the river quite beautiful.


Friday I planned to run the 10 mile run scheduled for the weekend as the final part of the Looney Challenge tune up. The middle 2 were supposed to be at race pace. I calculated that at 8:47 if I am going to try to get a 1:55 half this fall. I started out running and immediately knew it was hot and this run was going to be tough. I ran the first 4 easy like I wanted and picked up when I hit the 4 mile mark. I was running a new part of the trail, so I wasn’t sure where the turn around point would be (I find this frustrating). When I finally hit the 5 mile mark and my watch beeped at 8:33, I was shocked and tired. I turned around and tried to slow down a little to get closer to the 8:47. It didn’t work. My 2nd fast mile clocked in at 8:33 also. I don’t think I could have done that if I tried, but since it just worked out that way, I guess I’ll take it. I was so happy to slow down and take it easy for the last 4 miles. It was so hot. I finished up my run and found the nearest drinking fountain because my Camelbac was warm and nearly empty. I walked the rest of the way back to church. The last 4 blocks, I even took off my shoes and walked barefoot because my feet were so tired and hot.

The lesson I learned is: I am glad I have a training plan because I have a long way to go to be ready for the Looney Challenge!
Saturday morning was the girls’ final swim meet. They both swam great. I think they are ready for thier triathlon next weekend, well, maybe not the run part. We haven’t been running together, but it’s difficult to get them running (can’t run in the grass at home without being eaten alive by misquitos and I don’t feel safe taking them on the highway to run). They will do great, even without much running this summer – they did it last year with little running too.




Sunday morning, we atteneded the service to showcase the sports camp. Claire was so excited to go that she even thanked me last night before bed. She’s so sweet and she loves being invovled in everything. Ryan describes her as loving life and that is one of the truest statements I’ve ever heard.


I'll be your friend


Lean on me

It was an exhausting week, but it was a lot of fun and very peaceful to get to run by the river. The girls had a great time at camp. Some of the adults complemented Morgan on being such a great help at camp (it’s always nice to hear good things about your child). And now it’s back to work – ugh!!


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  1. Cindy Says:

    Sounds like a great week was had by all. Love the pictures, it looks like the geese were coming to get you!:) Have a great week this week, and good luck to the girls at the triathlon!! we will be thinking of them!! Love you guys!!

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