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12 miles, why do you hate me?? August 9, 2014

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Let me start with: man it’s been a long time since I last wrote here!

A lot has been going on in Penny world, so unfortunately I haven’t been sitting around eating bon bons or blogging.

Last week, we had a garage sale at my mom and dads house. It was a lot of work to get ready, but it was worth it. We sold lots of stuff and made a good amount of money to use for school clothes and supplies. It’s nice to get rid of all the extra toys and clothes and get extra cash in return.

Last week Saturday the girls participated in the Miracle Kids Triathlon. It is a wonderful event for a great cause. This was Morgan’s 5th year and Claire’s 2nd year.





The girls surpassed their fundraising goal of $1000 by raising $1105! We are very proud of them and a little nervous because Claire has big plans to raise more next year. It’s a good goal and I always say “a girls gotta have goals!”


With the triathlon on Saturday, my long run got moved to Sunday. I made the mistake of sleeping in and having a cup of coffee first. The first problem was that my Garmin was dead, so I had to take my phone, which I don’t love to do. The second problem was thatI left at 9 am and it was hot the second I walked out the door. At first I was excited because it was calm instead of windy, but after about 2 minutes, I was wishing for a breeze. I knew the route and I started and ended on the gravel. The first mile was ok, just had to stop one time because a truck went flying by me on the gravel and threw up lots of dust. I hit about the 4 mile mark I got to turn onto the tar road. I felt tired already, but I am not a quitter, so on I go. I got to about 5 miles and called home…..gotcha, you thought I called for a ride, for more water. I asked Ryan to meet me in town with water and ice. I needed to refill my camelback and wanted to put some ice in a baggie in my bra (sorry men readers!) I made it to the car and he asked if I wanted to ride home – um “No, don’t you know me at all? It took all my power to cave and ask you to bring me water!” Silly man! So I refilled and put ice in the baggie and left my phone with Ryan and away I went. I made it home. I walked more than I wanted, but I covered the distance. I was happy to be home.

This week I was scheduled for 12 again. I merged the half and full marathon training plans in my quest for the best schedule for my crazy October and I ended up with 2 twelve mile weeks, but it works.

Since my 10 mile evening of struggling long run, I have been mentally struggling with running. This is a new problem for me, usually I am ready to go and save the mental struggle for actually running, but lately it’s tough to get out the door. I assuming it is the heat of summer that is getting me, but it’s still different than other years and I can’t say I like it. If anybody has any advice, I’ll take it!

So this week I decided to go the opposite direction of last week, but the same route. I wasn’t dreading the run and it wasn’t as tough as last week – thank goodness! I left around 8 and it was cooler than last week. It had just finished raining and there was cloud cover at the beginning so I didn’t overheat until about mile 8 this time. My one wish is that it would have rained a little on me, I like running in the rain.

I didn’t take my phone this time and I didn’t run out of water until a mile or so from home. I walked a lot less this week and because my Garmin is more accurate, I did add in a little distance to make it an even 12 miles because apparently I was short last week (oops, but that explains why my pace was good, it seemed fast to me).

Once I was home, I sat down and drank a glass of milk and ate a yogurt. I’m working on getting more protein for better recovery and drank a lot of water. The good news is, even if my legs were tired, I didn’t get a headache like I tend to do after races where I try really hard. I really want to narrow down the reason that happens and try to prevent it.

Well, now that I’ve rambled on for a while, thanks for reading. If you have any advice to help my mental struggles or about the headaches after racing, I’ll happily take it all!


2 Responses to “12 miles, why do you hate me??”

  1. I like running in the rain, too! Have you tried experimenting with different electrolyte drinks during your run and for recovery? I used to get bad headaches after runs but it improved with finding better hydration for me (something with no sugars) and being better fueled prior to the run.

    I think sometimes the mental struggle of training is something you just have to push through. Other times it can be “solved” or improved by some of those little things like a new running buddy, an inspiring running movie, a change in your cross training routine, or just a long enough break from running.

    I don’t know what your schedule is like, but if you can try getting out the door by 6 AM for long runs, that in and of itself may change how you feel on the run. It certainly won’t increase your desire to get the run STARTED, haha, but I think there is something magically about the early morning…much as I hate my 5 AM alarm.

    • pennyverdeck Says:

      Thanks for the tips, I usually only put water in my pack for fear of not getting it clean after, but maybe I should try something different and use my hydration belt, those bottles are easier to clean. Also, I agree about getting up earlier, the next long one will be earlier, so I anticipate it being better, plus it’s in a different place on a paved trail that I like, so I’m actually looking forward to my 14 miler! Summer is tough, but I’ll make it through I’m sure.

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