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September is back… September 3, 2014

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I cannot believe it’s September already! The summer always seems to go so fast. I know the humidity is tough, but I love warm weather and swimming and triathlon season! Oh well, there is nothing I can do to change it, so I guess I’ll run with it…(pun intended!)

The last week of summer was pretty basic for us: school open houses, volleyball practice and camping for Labor Day weekend.


Both girls started at new schools this fall. They both like their teachers and nobody got lost the first day. I consider that a win.

Morgan had her first volleyball game Tuesday and they won! She played a great game and we are very proud of her. She really likes her teammates and they all played really well.


The rest of the week is also pretty busy with dance class, confirmation orientation and soccer starting for Claire. This is our busy life, but I love it!

Now that I’ve explained all of that, lets talk running!

After the triathlon and the 15 miler, I actually felt really good. I took Monday as a rest day and then Tuesday I went right back into tempo runs. It felt great and my paces were pretty good too. It was 2×2 mile and my pace was under 8:21 for the 5 miles with the warm up and cool down, so I’d say that’s quick! Then I was forced to skip my Thursday run because work was not fun and Friday it rained so I ran an easy 5 on the treadmill.
**side note: I think I may need some help this winter staying motivated to run inside – man that’s a struggle!
Saturday morning was my next long run of 13 miles. I have run 13 miles from this campground at least 4 times we’ve camped there, so I know where to turn around and I was looking forward to not watching my watch so much for the distance (auto pilot run if you will). As we drove past the road, I discovered it was closed for resurfacing – ugh! Oh well, no auto pilot run for me, but I still ran on a different road, so no problem. I managed to run negative splits without even really trying to and my last mile clocked in at 8:26. I’ll take that! It may have helped that it was raining and I like to run in the rain. Of course my mother called me crazy all weekend because of it, but oh well!
Monday was get home and get ready for school day so I didn’t run. Tuesday was the first day of school and back to running. It was to be 2, 2, 1. I had a hard time keeping my first 2 even, but they were 9:38, 9:19. Then 3 & 4 were 8:40, 8:38 (pretty even there) and the last one was a speedy 8:13. I felt good about this run. There have been a lot of times that I will take a small non-timed recover period after a fast mile, but this run I ran every second. I felt tired, but a good tired. It was tough the first mile, but it usually is. I’ve heard many people say “if you still want to quit after a mile, then quit, but give yourself a mile and you’ll be amazed” it stands true for me!

One other thing happened this weekend that I am struggling with. I belong to some Facebook  running groups, I have never met any of the people in person, but I feel I know them through the posts we share. Monday morning, the first post I saw was from the husband of one of my running friends. “has anyone seen or heard from Taylor? She’s not here and I’m worried” I looked back and re-read some of her posts and remembered that she recently discovered she had lupus and had been struggling with depression, but she felt that running was helping her and she was grateful. She had two small children and was only 23 (I think). I kept watching the newsfeed and watched all the concern pour in. Before long, her husband posted again saying that they had found her and that she had taken her life. I was shocked. Not because I knew her personally, but I still felt like I knew her from the pictures and posts she frequently shared. I have never been friends in real life or virtually with anyone who has ended their own life. It made me wonder if I’m doing my part to make life better for those around me. Have I been a good friend to those around me? Have I done my part to make others feel like they can talk to me if they need anything? Have I been a good example for my girls? Why do I think it’s ok to be sad or mad about things that don’t go as planned? My family is healthy. My girls are happy and involved in their sports and church and dance. Sure maybe life isn’t perfect, but I should stop thinking it will change and accept this as the new normal. I hope I never fall into a place where I feel all hope is lost. I hope my loved ones never feel lost or alone.


For those of you I know in real life, know I love each and every one of you. For those of you I only know virtually, know I love you all just the same and to every person who reads this, remember: you are never alone, my ears are always here to listen, my shoulder is always here for leaning on and you are never alone!


2 Responses to “September is back…”

  1. Jeri Says:

    Wow! That was a tough one to read. How sad and lonesome that person must have been.. even though others – loved ones were in her life. You, my friend are always an inspiration, uplifting with a kind word or a smile – you need not worry where this friend is concerned anyway. I love you too Penny – thanks for being my friend. As I see it, you are a very loving Mother and Wife and Daughter, Sister… etc. As far as the motivation for running this Winter… you could always move to a sunny location???? No??? Just kidding. Maybe this Winter will not be so bad… one can always hope. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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