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Why didn’t anybody tell me?? September 15, 2014

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Why didn’t anybody tell me that Middle School was a lot different for parents as well as students??

In the 2 weeks that school has been going on, we have done so much running around, I am afraid to imagine what winter will be like. At least this time of year it’s nice to drive and sit in the car and wait (forever) for practices to be over. I don’t want to think about doing all of that in the bad weather yet!

Why didn’t anybody tell me that wathcing children play sports where actual places are awarded is so stressful?

Saturday, Morgan’s volleyball team had a tournament. There are so many girls on the team that they normally have 2 teams, but for this tournament, they combined into one. Morgan played a little (they took turns playing). When she played, she played well. But in the championship game, the team struggled a little. Watching Morgan sit at the side looking completely stressed was nerve wrecking. They ended up winning and they were all very excited!


Why didn’t anybody tell me that 3rd & 4th grade boys are interesting charachters?

Claire’s soccer team is co-ed. There are a few teammates that are completely new to soccer and there are some every energetic children on that team. They had their first game Saturday morning. Although Coach Ryan tried hard, he couldn’t pull off a a win. He says boys are harder to coach than girls.


Why didn’t anybody tell me that running a long run could have so many different effects on a person?

This training plan has had many long runs so far: 12 miles (twice) 13, 14, 15, 16 and 18. I can remember the 14 mile being a good one (that was on the trail during vacation) the 13 wasn’t too bad (I got to run in the rain) the 16 miles was really tough and the latest one and the longest distance I have ever run was 18 miles.

Last weekend was the 16 miles. We had volleyball on Saturday morning and church on Sunday morning, so 3 hours to run before these things was out of the question, therefore it was Saturday after volleyball to run because I had a bike ride with my friend Stacy planned for Sunday afternoon. I set out at 4 in the afternoon (problem #1), I hadn’t had a lot to drink during volleyball (problem #2), and it was warmer than I thought it would be (problem #3), and it was windy (problem #4). The training plan called for middle 6 at race pace. When I hit the 2 mile mark, I knew I was tossing that plan out the window. I kept running, but just couldn’t find my groove. When I hit the one hour mark, I decided that I was going to go with a run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute plan for the next 10 miles. I am happy to say that I accomplished that. I never walked during my run times. In that moment, I will take any positives I can find. I was just under a mile from home when I decided that I would run the rest of the way. I did run the rest of the way and I can honestly say, I don’t ever remember being that happy to be home! I made it into the kitchen and sat down on the floor and tried to calm my breathing. I couldn’t catch my breath, so I do believe that I gave all I had to give on that run. It was a huge accomplishment to have run that far. I wish I would have felt better, but I did prove to myself that I could do it – even if it was a struggle. I did do an ice bath after my run and it helped calm my breathing and relaxed me a little more.


I was pleased to wake up and not be stiff or sore at all. I think the ice bath helped!

Sunday was a beautiful weather day. Stacy and I went to a new bike trail. It was a wonderful day to ride and a great day with a friend I haven’t gotten to see in a while.



We ended up riding 40 miles. My legs were pretty good for the first 30 some, but they (and my tush) were ready to be done riding. I hope we get to do that again soon. I will wear the shorts with more padding next time though!

Why didn’t anybody tell me to slow down?

Thursday afternoon, I headed over to Morgan’s away volleyball game. I ended up leaving later than I wanted to and ended up getting pulled over by a deputy. Thankfully I recieved a verbal warning and was back on my SLOWER way. Lesson learned – phew!!

Why didn’t anybody tell me me how a good long run can make you feel like a superhero?

So finally this brings me to yesterday and the 18 mile run. I set out after church again, but this time it was only noon. The weather was a nice comfortable 58 or so degrees with a little wind (which increased as I went along). The first few miles I kept telling myself to be slow and steady. Miles 3.5 to 4.5 were into the wind, so I was happy to turn and have a side wind. I turned again about mile 5.8 and had a tail wind for the next 6 miles. It was nice and comfortable. I ran along and only walked for a small time when it was time for an Island Boost. I had my Camelbak on, so I didn’t need to walk to drink. I would down the Island Boost and then run again. As I made it into town, I was at 12 miles. I couldn’t believe I was still running and felt good. I made my way through town and headed back home. At the 14 mile mark, I turned back into the wind – bummer – but Iput my head down and calmed my brain and ran. At 16, I made the final turn onto my road and headed home. I actually wanted to smile I felt so good. I picked up my pace a little and kept going. My last 2 miles were 9:58 and 9:35. I was so proud of myself. My 18 miles clicked about a half mile from home, so I walked the rest of the way (no, I couldn’t run any more). I was happy and content. I almost smiled even. My muscles did start to tighten up a bit as I made my way home, but felt ok when I stopped moving. I did do another ice bath shortly after I got home – ahhh.


I got home and only Morgan was here (Ryan and Claire were fishing) and I made her hug me (teenagers!) and I tried to get her to tell me she was proud of me, but no luck there! I know it is silly to want someone to tell me they are proud, but sometimes after I’ve worked really hard, that would be really nice! My family doesn’t get running – sometimes I wish they did! I did have some good support from facebook and friends, but it would be nice if it was my family.

Why didn’t anybody tell me?…. What would you like to add to my list??


4 Responses to “Why didn’t anybody tell me??”

  1. Chris Says:

    We are very proud of you. Some day maybe I will find time to come watch you and cheer you on. Tournaments are stressful at first. After a few you get used to it. The close ones are hard to watch but that makes the girls stronger and pretty soon they go in like nobody’s business knowing they want to win but also someone has to loose you just try harder next time. Glad Morgans team did well its always a nice confidence booster.
    Luv U. You make me proud to be your sister in everything you do. Know its not the same as husband or kids but you do, even though I don’t always tell you.

  2. colleenalicia Says:

    Haha love reading the first part of this post after just starting my second week of helping out with a middle school cross-country team. Good to hear the perspective of a middle school parent as I go down the road of coaching their kiddos!

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