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Fun for Friday September 27, 2014

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Well, it’s been a long time since my last post, but if you remember correctly from that one, I’ve been kind of busy! Oh well, I’m getting more used to it at least.

So last we left off, I had finished my 18 mile run – rather successfully I may add. I’ve gotten most of my week day training in. I did skip one this week trying to avoid getting a cold, but it was 4 miles and I knew the rest was much more important because I don’t want to be sick next weekend for the Looney Challenge.
On to the 20 mile info!!! Spoiler Alert….I made it the whole 20 and it was good!!

This morning (unlike last week) I skipped church. I feel a little guilty, but I thought about church while I was running and lets be honest, I pray for strength often while I’m running far. Anyway, I meant to leave at 7 when it was light enough, but ended up going closer to 8. It was quite breezy out there! I made the same path as last week, but had to add on some miles in town, but that’s ok. I started out slow to be safe and to wake up and when I turned to go with the wind, it felt good. Before I knew it I was at 10 miles, half way done! Then I got into town and ended up with my slowest mile while I snaked through town and waited for cars and stopped at my parents for a little more water just to be safe because i knew the last miles would be windy again. I headed out of town and cursed the wind but kept going only 5 miles left! I made the next 3 on the back road before getting to the highway (I dislike running on the highway) I picked up my pace a little and headed home. At this point, I’m feeling pretty good. I realize that I’m farther than I ran last week and I still feel strong! I kept going and mile 19 was my fastest one so far. I get to the point where I can see my driveway and I’m so excited because I’m going to do it and not collapse. I’m at the driveway and I still have .34 to go, can’t stop yet, so I run past until I am far enough away that it will be 20 when I get to the driveway. I did it! And my final mile was 9:35 that is amazing to me!!

I cheated and copied that from my email to a good friend, but I wrote that when my run was still fresh on my mind.

I recovered in an ice bath and honestly felt great for the rest of the day. We were lucky enough to get to visit with Ryan’s uncle that was in town visiting from Florida. That was nice. My parents came over for supper (we had pizza) to celebrate Ryan & My 17 year anniversary which was on Saturday the 20th…which brings me to what we did that day…



Morgan has wanted to do a mud run for a while, but she’s not really interested in running 3 miles for a 5k event, so I found the perfect solution. A messy fun time designed for kids ages 6-16, but fun for the whole family. We first learned about this event through Miracles Kids, this event was a benefit for the orgainzation too.

There were 11 obstacles because the man who put the event together (Eric Perkins) works for the news on Channel 11.


We started out going down a 40 foot waterslide! It was very fun!!





There are a couple of action shots and then the BEFORE photos with another view of the slide in the background.

We left the phone in the truck for most of the event, but when we passed the truck, be decided to grab it since I had brought a baggie to carry it in. The parts not cought on camera included an army crawl through paint, a foam castle (we liked that one), a muddy tunnel, spider web with silly string, a muddy hill climb, pink goo and a Sundae stroll (rolling through sundae toppings!)

The last couple that we took pictures of were – Human Burrito





That one was yucky! Morgan almost lost her breakfast after that one because it smelled bad. It was a combo of cheese sauce, refried beans, tomato sauce – ewww.

The final slide to the finish was just a water slide to get you down the hill.





It was nice to not have it be yucky at the end!!

Next year we want to get a group of people together to go, there were many groups and it looked like fun as a larger group too.


It was a fun way to spend our anniversary!!

So that was our (at least my) busy weekend. Tomorrow is soccer and Sunday after church I’m up for my final 16 miler – here’s to hoping it is better than the last 16 miler!!


5 Responses to “Fun for Friday”

  1. Jeri Says:

    Wow! Looks like great fun for the family. I hope there were there showers at the end so you did not have to ride home with gunk on you πŸ™‚

  2. fitnessmomwinecountry Says:

    I love having family time and incorporating it with sports or fitness. What a fun weekend you had

  3. Awesome Post!!! Looks like sooooo much FUN!!!!

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