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Monster Dash Half Marathon October 26, 2014

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Phew….the crazy October of racing has come to an end.

Yesterday was my 5th race of the month – that’s a lot of racing, but also a lot of fun!!


We needed to get to the race just a little earlier because my timing chip and bib did not come in the mail like they were supposed to. It would have been better if we would have arrived 15 minutes earlier than we did, but now we know for next time. We arrived at race villiage (along with 10,000 or so other runners) and found the info tent and got my race number, then we headed to the bathroom line – holy buckets there were long lines. We almost didn’t get to go before the start. We were still 6 people back in line when the National Anthem started playing – we decided we weren’t going to make it in before the race started so we left the line, but as we started up the hill, I saw some with no lines, so we rushed into those and still made it to the start before the gun went off. We made our way up toward the middle and eased into the crowd. I only gave you all of that information because it adds to the craziness of the day.

We made our way across the start line about 6 minutes after the gun went off. Stacy had requested I not let her start too fast, so I tried to keep us over 9 minute miles. We were getting sucked into the energy and the first couple were just over 9 minutes (9:04, 9:05). We started getting faster and had a couple of miles in there in the 8:40’s – oops. We seemed to be doing pretty good until about mile 7. We caught up the the 2 hour pace group and tried to stay with them for a couple miles, but running in the groups like that tends to get a little crowded, so we ended up going ahead of them.

We kept moving along and were doing a good job of keeping the pace. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and the course was beautiful.

There is a 10 mile race in with the half marathon at this event and when that splits off, you start going up hill and regret signing up for the half!!! There is about a mile and a half climb that gets you to about 11.5 and that is where my wheels went flat! Stacy doesn’t walk in races (water stops or ever), and when I got to the top of the hill, I had to walk. She looked at me worried and I said I would meet her at the finish. I allowed myself to walk for 45 seconds and started running again. I could still see her because she was only about a half block ahead. I ran and almost caught up, but just couldn’t go any faster. I let myself walk 2 other times for 30 seconds or less  each time. I ran to the finish, very relieved to be done. I got my medal and found Stacy. I looked at her and said “I need to sit.” I couldn’t even give her the congratulations hug she was trying to give me. We sat at the side of the finish chute for a few minutes and then made our way through the finish area so we could get some water and food.

She was so cute when we were talking as we sat. She said “I can’t run without you!” When you stopped, I was lost. I didn’t know what to do! I tried to find another person to run next to, but I just felt lost without you! That was really cute and sweet of her. I felt bad that I couldn’t keep up, but it is what it is. She was great and ended up finishing in 1:58:50. I do wish I could have stayed with her – next time I will!


Official Finish time = 2:00:07

I knew that I couldn’t have given more yesterday than I did. I had a hard time accepting that at first, but then DJ pointed out that I have had a busy month of racing and maybe my body just said “Enough already!!!”

We went into the finish party and got a beer. It was yucky!! We each had a drink and tossed the rest. We walked the 8 blocks back to the car and our legs felt much better by the time we got back to the car. It really was a beautiful morning to walk by the river. I enjoy my days with Stacy. I’m looking forward to next time. I am greatful that it’s a month away, but I am looking forward to it!

When I got home and showered, the family headed to the local winery for the Pumpkin Festival. It’s sad that I live 5 miles from a winery and have never visited it. Ryan isn’t a big wine drinker and the few times I’ve heard of somebody going, it hasn’t worked out for my schedule.

Anyway….they had pumpkin bowling (Claire got a strike on her first try), a pie eating contest (we didn’t do), trampoline things and Pumpkin Chucking. They had GIANT pumpkin chuckers. They were having competitions to see how far you could chuck the pumpkin. Claire really wanted to chuck the pumpkins, but we didn’t preregister, so we just watched. They did get to jump though:



So that was a fun filled day and tomorrow it is back to work – insert sad face here….


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