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Good Bye November December 1, 2014

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It is the first day of December and with that I bring you my final race recaps of 2014.

On Thanksgiving day, I raced a local 5k called the Turkey Tagalong. Last year was the first time I ran on the holiday and it worked so well that there was no reason I couldn’t do it again this year. I ran and then went to Ryan’s dads for lunch.

The weather was cold (-5) and there was some snowy patches on the ground, so it was important to watch my footing. I set a pr last year at this race and feel a little short of it this year, but still finished with a very respectable 25:20. That time was good enough to get me a 9th place overall finish. I have never finished a race in the single digits before, I was pretty excited!

After family time for lunch and a little shopping with my sister-in-law, we were off to my parents’ for supper. The girls enjoyed seeing all of their cousins throughout the day.

After one rest day, it was time for the Moustache Run half marathon on Saturday. Thankfully the weather was warmer, but there was fresh snow which made the footing difficult for this race.

The race started at 8:30 and we started running on a brick road (red, not yellow) that wasn’t plowed very well and then crossed the beautiful Stone Arch Bridge before getting to some dry roads. The course was hilly added on top of the slippery ground. Both Stacy and I had a mental struggle with this race. I have never been more relieved to see the half way mark of a race. We crossed the half mark at 1:01 and some seconds – much better than we felt. As we turned around, it was much better. We got to fly down the hills we had to climb on the way out, but had to climb the ones we went down before. There was one good one with about 4 miles to go, but there were 2 climbs on the way back that almost did us in. Thankfully we crested the final one and knew we had about 2 miles to go. Stacy asked me to stay with her until mile 12. I didn’t have enough gas left to push much harder, so I did stay with her. As we turned onto the bridge, the breeze was in our faces, that made it a little more difficult to push. We finally made it across the bridge and turned the final turn. It was about 4 blocks that seemed to never end. We stayed together the whole time and finished right next to each other. We were both relieved to be done and agreed that our struggle was mostly mental. We both had some discomfort (my hips, her feet) but we blamed that on the icy ground. We finished with a great time of 2:01:57.


I have been very consistent this year with my times, I’ve had half marathons ranging from 1:59 to 2:01. I certainly can’t complain about those times!

Now it’s time to train for the Polar Dash run on New Year’s day…I’m going to need some better footing that day….please!

Oh, and we attended the tree lighting at the local hospital last night. Claire’s favorite part is the reindeer!



The house is decorated (except the tree) and the gifts are wrapped…bring on Christmas!


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