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Winter…..please leave now February 13, 2015

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Well, it has been a while since I’ve posted, but mainly because it’s winter and there isn’t much exciting to say about my running and such. I’ve considered starting a weekly topic to write about to keep me more motivated to blog, but I’m not sure what theme I would write about…any suggestions??

I’ve been running on the treadmill and working on speed intervals and hill intervals. I ususally do at least one (sometimes 2 or 3) speed workouts a week and one longer hill workout.  I have a hard time just running on the treadmill at lunch because I get bored, so intervals are a must. It is a little different if there is something to watch, but the news isn’t really a good distraction.

I’ve gotten my 5 miles down to 44:19. That was today. I think I can be faster outside, but I know this is my fastest on the treadmill. For hills, I’ve been running 8 miles and I picked a program on the treadmill and go with it. I’ve done it twice. Last week I did it and actually threw up a little – seriously! That made me feel terribly out of shape! I know that hills are tough, but Oh My! This week I did the same and at least didn’t toss my cookies this time!!

I’ve also been doing some weight training this month. I’ve actually done them for 2 weeks now, so hopefully I can stick with it. I’ve been doing arms and legs every other day and some abs on random. I’ve also been doing planks each day. Some days I change it up and instead of doing planks, I’ll do handstands (against the wall) – those are hard. The goal is to gain a little arm strength and maybe tone my legs a little 🙂 I’m not trying to be a super model or anything, just trying to look strong and feel confident.


I’m signed up for the virtual version of the Race for the Halo tomorrow, but I think I may have to run it inside. The high is forcasted at 5 with a windchill of -20. If I had a covered/protected from the wind area, I could run outside, but since the wide open space I have to run in has no protection for any elements, I may cave and head to the gym. It’s all good, it’s about being healthy, not about freezing to death!


I am also doing a virtual 8k (4.98miles) this week, which I am using my 5 miles today for. That one I didn’t buy the medal or shirt for, but I will record my time as part of the Winter Miles Challenge. I did it last year too, but this year the bling was kind of boring, so I didn’t splurge on that one…trying to collect the best bling instead of the most bling this year. 

So far I am signed up for 16 races this year. I have completed 3 of them (Polar Dash) so far and hopefully the Race for the Halo will be completed tomorrow.


On another fun note, I signed all 4 of us up for the Color Run this year. Morgan and 2 friends from dance want to do it and as I looked into it, I discovered that if the 4 of us did it, it would only be $10 more than if 3 of us did it, so Ryan agreed. This will work out better, then one of us can run with the big kids and one of us can run with the little kid. This way, the big kids won’t be lost in the sea of people. I’m not sure either of them is ready to run 3 miles, but it can easily be a run/walk and we have plenty of time to get ready for it. It will be July 12th, so it’s a few weeks before the Miracle Kids and the more prepared they are for the Color Run, the more prepared they will be for the Miracle Kids Triathlon.

Tomorrow is the start of Girl Scout cookie sales – yipee! Seriously though, cookie sales is good, but it takes a lot of effort by the parents. Hopefully it goes smoothly and the weather warms up a little by next weekend.

Happy Valentine’s day to all! 



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