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The Longest Ride February 28, 2015

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I barely finished my book on time. I’m not sure how the month got away from me….ok, I do know (crazy busy life)…but I finished this morning, just in the knick of time.

I chose Nicholas Sparks because he is always an easy read and falls into the romance category. I always like his books, even if they always follow the usual= boy rescues girl format. This one doesn’t really follow his standard, so I was pleasantly suprised. So here is my review, following my “I don’t want to give away the book” plan.


The cover of the book is beautiful (Morgan and I both want the blue boots!!) and inviting. The chapters are numbered and tell you who’s perspective you are reading from. I don’t love books that skip from person to person, but as I get further in, I settle into the rhythm.

It took until the very end of the book to discover what the 3 people the chapters were based on had in common. There is an elderly man named Ira, a young cowboy named Luke and a college student named Sophia. It only took one chapter of Sophia and Luke to get me interested in the rest of the book. I could not figure out why I was reading about Ira though. When I finally got to that part of the book, I had already made some assumptions and they were close, but not close enough. In my opinion that is a good book – keeps you guessing until the end and begs you to keep reading.

I was very happy with how the book ended and pleasanty suprised that it wasn’t the same old same old – boy sweeps in and saves the girl. I enjoy how this author is always very good at describing the surroundings. I would like to visit the area of the country, North Carolina where all of his books are based, because of how he has described it and made it so inviting.

The small amount of romance is just the right amount and doesn’t gush out and make you sick because it’s so unrealistic like some romance novelists. You will be pleasantly suprised, I know I am every time I read one of his books.

The author does an excellent job with his facts and knowledge of the subjects he writes about. He ties his characters toghether in an amazing way at the end. I did not suspect that was how it would end. About 4 chapters from the end, he paints a conclusion and you assume that this is how the story will end and then he sweeps that one under the rug and gives you a completely different story. I love it!

He has many other books too and I have never been disappointed in a single one. Some that I have read are: A Bend in the Road, The Guardian, Safe Haven, The Best of Me, The Last Song, The Lucky One, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook. I know many of these have movies that go along with them, but I have never watched any of them. I always feel like the books are so much better and whenever a friend does see the movie, they always have the same feeling, so I don’t watch them. I have however watched the movie “Message in a Bottle” and that one was good, but that is because I didn’t read the book first.

Have you read Nicholas Sparks, do you love him or hate him?


5 Responses to “The Longest Ride”

  1. I do enjoy a good Nicholas Sparks book. This sounds interesting that he kept you guessing until the end and it wasn’t overly sappy. Sounds good to me.

  2. Chris Says:

    Have not read the book, but just watched ” The Notebook”” last night again. I don’t usually watch movies too many times but I love that movie. It makes you believe in true love.

  3. Mary Long Says:

    Ok so I am still trying to find time to read and once I start a book, I can’t just stop. I have a need to finish it. As I told you, I am hooked from the start! I agree. It’s the imagery and how sparks describes the people and surroundings. It’s like you can reach in to the pages and scoop them out.

  4. Rachel Says:

    I embarrassingly have never read Nicholas Sparks! But I love the movie The Notebook and now after reading your review I think I have to start reading his books.

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