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Spring, is that you??? March 8, 2015

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Spring, I think I see you, can you stay, please!!!

Well, starting on Friday the weather made a turn for the better. After a snow day from school on Tuesday, I was skeptical that spring was ever going to come, but then we turned the corner and I hope we get to keep it.

I headed out Friday at lunch and was pleasantly surprised at how great it felt. The wind was still a little chilly on my ears, but the rest of me felt great. I made some pretty good time on the run too. All of my miles were under 9:13 and I felt good.

Saturday I planned for 7 and after last week’s sufferfest that was only 5 miles, in the wind so cold I thought I would freeze to death, I was determined to go at least 7. I picked a new path and it was actually 4 miles, so I ended up doing 8. The first 4 were into the wind and I’ll admit it’s a bit of a struggle, but once I turned around, I felt like I could fly! My pace was good throughout even with the few walk breaks I took to survive the run. I was so happy to be outside and I can only hope that the running feels easier once I get used to running outside again.

I think with a forcast like this:


I will definitely be spending my running hours outside this week!

I also have some exciting news for all of you ladies that read my blog. Esprit de She is letting me give 3 lucky athletes an awesome jersey.
All you have to do is sign up for any one of the Nationwide events. (There are events ranging from 5k to 10k to duathlons and triathlons.) They have events in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina, California and Georgia. You must put EDS031 in the promo code box and then email me that you’ve signed up. I am lucky enough to give away 3 jerseys. Check out the website at: Esprit de She

Here’s to a great spring week to all of you!


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