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2015 Get Lucky 7k March 18, 2015

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This past weekend I ran the Get Lucky 7k race for the 4th time. In 2010, I ran with my brother, in 2011,  my sister-in-law ran it (we didn’t run together) and the last 2 years I ran with my friend Stacy. I skipped one year in there, which happened to work out because the weather was horrible that year. but I have really enjoyed this race each time.
Most of the Minneapolis races are in the same area which goes over the Stone Arch Bridge and along the brick road on the other side and you overlook St. Anthony Falls, and this race is no exception. This is the first race I ever did that was in this area and I have a special place in my heart for this area. Before I started racing, Morgan and I visited the Mill City Museum and went onto the lookout deck and watched St. Anthony Falls and took a bunch of pictures. Morgan loved the view and so did I. We watched runners that day and I thought how I would love to be the runner that got to run there one day. Now I am!!


We got there early and parked with no troubles. I heard from a friend that they waited so long to get in the parking lot that they started the race very late. We walked over to the start before it got too busy. We stayed in the sun to stay warm (Stacy wore short sleeves – burr!) and almost missed the start because we couldn’t hear the announcer. We got into the mass of people and I wondered how we could possibly run in the sea of people. As it turned out, it spread out really well and we only had a couple of places that were congested.



There were actually 1000 less runners this year than last year, but you would never guess when you look at this mass of people.

Before we knew it, we were off. Like I mentioned, it cleared out pretty quickly and everyone seemed to be moving along. After we got around the corner there was a nice downhill and a ton of people walking – really, why start at the beginning of the crowd and walk? I’m all for walkers being out there, but don’t start in wave 1, or even in the start of wave 2 – you may get run into if you do! Then it smoothed out again and it was time to cross the Stone Arch Bridge. I made Stacy look to the side to see the falls – she has never looked around when we are running there, just focuses on not running into anybody! We turned the corner just after some Irish dancers and ran down the brick road. I love and hate this road – love it because it’s pretty, hate it because you have to watch your footing. Turned and ran under a highway and back up and over it (mean people making us run over bridges!!) and turned again and up another bridge. I remembered this one and was amazed at how easy the climb felt, but how congested the race was here.  We bypassed the waterstop and with it some extra runners out of our way. I forgot about the last big climb over a highway, but powered up the hill telling Stacy I’d try to stay with her on it. I did, but when we got to the top, I made myself catch my breath before the final turn. With 1 mile to go, we turned and I felt strong and ready to go. That last mile is a stretch next to the river and it’s nice to look around a little if you have some clearance from the runners around you. We powered past a bunch, even taking one gamble and running on the curb and dodging some slower runners taking up the whole road. It worked out, but we both commented that that was a little sketchy and we shouldn’t do that again, it would be very easy to twist an ankle doing that. My watch beeped the 4 mile and I knew I was feeling pretty good, so I picked up a little. (I hadn’t allowed myself to look at the times on my watch at all durning the race. I only wore it because I have had at least 2 races not have my time because my chip didn’t register).  I didn’t say it to Stacy, I just did it. We kept step with each other and picked up our pace. Our pace for the last .36 miles was 7:46 – that’s fast and awesome!! I was breathing heavy when we finished and I knew I tried, but I didn’t feel like I was on empty, so any doubt I had about my fitness level should really be calmed now.

We ended up finishing in 38:13 which is 15 seconds faster for me than last year!! Stacy was actually 1 second slower than me this year and last year, she was a few seconds ahead of me, so I was happy that she didn’t get to beat me this year 🙂 I don’t compete against her often, but there have been a few times she gets ahead of me, so that one second for me was kind of funny!


The medal that I received is actually from the year I didn’t do this event. The 2015 medals are stuck in cargo on a pier in California and will be shipped out when they arrive. I figure I’ll run the distance again and call it a virtual run so that I earn the two different 7k medals this year – fun, 2 bling for the price of one!!

I hope you are all ready for spring – I know I am. I’ve been spoiled the last week with our warm weather, but today, I ran in the snow! Thankfully, it was light snow and it worked out, but by the time we came out of church (1.5 hours after I was done running) there was actually snow sticking on the grass and my car. I’m lucky it wasn’t doing that while I was running, or my hair would have looked ridiculous for church!!


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